Preparation of tungsten chloride

This procedure is exactly the same as the preparation of tungsten tetrachloride, but the product cannot contact with air due to its strong hygroscopicity, so it should be fully dried and preserved. Under this reaction condition, there is no protective atmosphere, so it is difficult to ensure that tungsten pentachloride is not decomposed. During refining, the product is put into a hard glass tube and placed in the air of vacuum or nitrogen and carbon dioxide. The glass tube [...]

Preparation and application of titanium nitride

The chemical properties of nitrogen element are very stable, but under some special conditions, it can form nitrides with many elements. Among these nitrides, the transition metal nitrides — Titanium nitride (TiN) has become the focus of research at home and abroad. Titanium nitride is a small wet structural material with attractive gold color, high melting point, high hardness, good chemical stability, and metal, and has high conductivity and superconductivity. It can be used in high temperature structural materials [...]

Preparation and application of molybdenum silicate

Molybdenum Disilicide, MoSi2 is a kind of silicon Molybdenum compound, also known as Molybdenum Disilicide, Molybdenum silicide has high melting point, low density, good thermal conductivity and good electrical conductivity and excellent high temperature oxidation resistance, high elastic modulus, low thermal expansion coefficient, high strength, good resistance to chemical corrosion and thermal shock resistance, are widely used in high temperature heating element component materials and high temperature oxidation resistance coating materials, is also the most development potential of high [...]

Vanadium dioxide — a revolutionary material for the future electronics industry

Because of its unique properties, vanadium dioxide has become an ideal choice to replace silicon for a new generation of low-power electronic devices. Swiss researchers recently demonstrated the application of vanadium dioxide to aerospace communications (600677) systems to achieve programmable rf electronics, highlighting the oxide’s potential. Vanadium dioxide has phase transition characteristics and forms that can be converted between an insulator and a metal, acting as an insulator at room temperature and as a metal conductor above 68 degrees Celsius. [...]

Comparison of ni-cr and tantalum nitride film resistors in communication applications

Prior to the widespread acceptance of surface mounted sheet resistors in the 1980s and 1990s, metallized hole mounted molded resistance was usually used in precision applications. Through hole mounted discrete resistors have always been made by depositing thin film resistive materials on cylindrical ceramics. The leads are connected to both ends of the ceramic and the columnar resistance devices are molded or coated to produce a fully sealed product as shown in figure 1. The sheet resistance shown in [...]

Main applications of tantalum silicide

Metal silicides are similar to metals in electrical conductivity, high temperature performance, oxidation resistance and compatibility with the production process of silicon integrated circuits. Transition metal silicides can be used for low-resistance gate and interwire, schottky gate and resistance contact. Tantalum silicide preparation method includes: the combustion synthesis (combustionsynthesis, CS) or self-propagating high-temperature synthesis, arc melting method, etc. Combustion synthesis or self-propagating high temperature synthesis is a method for the synthesis of intermetallic compounds by the exothermic reaction of [...]

Preparation of zirconium tungstate

1.. Impregnation method A certain amount of zrocl2.8h20 was dissolved in an appropriate amount of deionized water, and ammonia was added to form a hydrogel. The pH value was adjusted to 9.0. After being placed at room temperature for 12h, the precipitate was filtered and washed with deionized water to be chlorine-free (0.1 mol·L ~ AgN03 solution was used for detection). Then the filter cake was soaked in anhydrous ethanol and alcoholized for 12 h in a constant temperature drying [...]

The invention relates to a transition metal boride catalyst, a preparation method and its application technology

The invention relates to a transition metal boride catalyst, a preparation method and its application in electrocatalytic water cracking for hydrogen production, belonging to the technical field of inorganic functional materials. The patented technology of the invention relates to a preparation method of a transition metal boride catalyst, in which chloride of the transition metal is used as a metal source, MgB2 as a boron source, and Mg powder is used as an auxiliary for quasi-solid phase replacement reaction. [...]

The coexistence of issing superconductivity and quantum Griffith singularity has been observed in a large area monolayer niobium disselenide crystal

Recently, professor wang and JiShuai hua, an associate professor at tsinghua university, member of qi-kun xue, Chen, a professor at Beijing university of Eva, a researcher at Feng Ji researcher, hefei strong magnetic field center Tian Mingliang researcher of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dr XiChuanYing hai-wen liu and Beijing normal university associate professor and others, by molecular beam epitaxy of expiration of the double-layer graphene 6 h – SiC (0001) substrate successful preparation of large area above (mm) atomic [...]

Safety technical specification for ammonium metavanadate

Part one: chemical name Chinese name of chemical: ammonium metavanadate Chemical name: ammonium vanadate English name: chemicals ammonium metavanadate English name: ammonium vanadate Part 2: composition/composition information Harmful composition: ammonium metavanadate Content: ≥ 99% CAS No. 55-7803-6 Part iii: risk overview Risk category: Invasion route: Health hazards: dust can irritate the eyes, skin and respiratory tract. Death can be caused by inhalation and oral administration. Inhalation causes coughing, chest pain, pain, metallic taste in the mouth and mental symptoms. Have damage to liver, kidney. Skin contact can cause hives. Environmental hazards: harmful [...]