Application of niobium silicide in material

Niobium (Nb) is a kind of refractory metal with high melting point (2468℃), moderate density, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, and high temperature strength, with good mechanical properties at high temperature. The excellent properties of niobium and niobium alloy make it one of the important candidate materials for high-temperature structural parts in aviation, aerospace and nuclear industry, which can be used to manufacture rocket engines, nuclear reactors and other key components. However, its poor oxidation performance, pure niobium at 600℃ [...]

The invention relates to a titanium aluminum carbon and titanium carbide composite hydrogen storage material and a preparation method thereof

Technical scheme of the invention are as follows: a carbon titanium aluminum and titanium carbide composite hydrogen storage material, its characteristic is: described in the composite hydrogen storage material is composed of the following components: titanium aluminum carbon for ternary compound, described the specific of Ti3AlC2 or Ti2AlC, titanium carbide described as TiCx, of which 0.48 x 0.8 or less, or less composite hydrogen storage materials of titanium aluminum carbon mass ratio of 2% to 15%, the rest for [...]

A method for preparing molybdenum boride powder

A method of preparation of boride molybdenum powder preparation steps in the synthesis of high temperature and high pressure way, according to the synthetic before B/Mo mole ratio of n (n = 0.5, 1, 2, 2.5, 4) Settings, in full compliance with material control design phase of boride molybdenum powder, achieve the boride phase of molybdenum materials synthesis and controllable, and synthesis of boride molybdenum powder granularity and the crystal grain size is complete, excellent performance. The method has [...]

A method for preparing large area monolayer tungsten selenide single crystal

The present invention relates to the field of microelectronics technology, in particular to a Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method for the preparation of a single crystal of monolayer tungsten diselenide (WSe2). Background technology: With molybdenum disulfide (MoS2), two dock selenide (WSe2) represented by a two-dimensional function of transition metal chalcogenide materials in the process of multi-layer to single layer, can be achieved by indirect band gap to direct band gap, with its unique physical and chemical properties make it in electronic [...]

Application of tungsten oxide

Tungsten oxide, also known as tungsten hua, chemical formula WO3. Pale yellow rhombic crystal, the color deepened when heated, and then returned to light yellow after cooling. Stable in air, melting point is 1473℃, boiling point is higher than 1750℃, relative density is 7. 16. Insoluble in water and inorganic acids except hydrofluoric acid, soluble in hot concentrated sodium hydroxide solution and ammonia water. Tungsten oxide is both an n-type semiconductor material and a “d0” oxide, which gives it [...]

Capacitor characteristics and applications of niobium oxide

In recent years, there have been continuous research reports on new oxide solid acids, among which the research on the fifth subgroup elements (V, Nb, Ta) has always been the focus of solid acid research. In industry, niobium pentoxide and tantalum pentoxide are collectively referred to as earth acids. Wet tantalum oxide (hydrated Ta2O5), niobium oxide (Nb2O5) are all excellent properties of the potential of solid acid catalyst. Niobium has very important research value, so we first give a [...]

China Molybdenum Industry Status

As of the end of 1996, China has identified 222 molybdenum mining areas, distributed in 29 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. Molybdenum reserves reach 8.4200 million tons, of which A + B + C grade accounts for 39.8% of the reserves, which is 3.345 million tons. For example, compared with China ’s industrial reserves (A + B + C) and western countries ’reserve bases, China ’s Lower than the US 5.4 million tons, reserves basis), and higher than Chile [...]

Hydroxyapatite-“Stand-in” for New Century Bone

Due to the effects of diseases, aging, and frequent traffic accidents, the number of cases of bone injury has increased year by year. According to statistics, there are 3 million orthopedic cases in China every year, so the demand for bone substitute materials is increasing. In recent years, bone substitute materials represented by hydroxyapatite have gradually become the darlings of clinical application. Hydroxyapatite is the main component of vertebrate bones and teeth, and has good biological activity and biocompatibility. Compared [...]

About the MOCVD

Summary of MOCVD MOCVD(Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition) technology, also known as OMVPE, MOVPE, etc., is a new technology proposed by rockwell corporation in 1968 for the preparation of compound semiconductor single thin films. MOCVD technique is to dilute the metal organic compounds in the carrier gas and Ⅴ ethnic or Ⅵ hydride in the heated elements of substrate and decomposition reaction, the products of the reaction, reaction to the epitaxial substrate to form a technology of epitaxial film, this [...]

Properties and application prospects of ferric oxide nanometer powders

gas-sensitive characteristics and applications Due to surface effect, when the environment changes, the ion valence state of particle on the surface or interface and electronic changes with the change of external environment, can be made sensitive sensors, nanometer alpha Fe2O3 studies have found that they have a good of flammable or toxic gas detection of gas sensitive properties, used for hydrogen, ethanol, carbon monoxide and other toxic gas detection. Zhang et al. [9] studied the sensing characteristics of ethanol with [...]