Plasma treatment to improve the quality of nano bismuth oxide

Bismuth oxide is an important functional powder material, widely used in inorganic synthesis, electronic ceramics, chemical reagents and other fields, mainly used in the manufacture of ceramic dielectric vessels, can also be used in the manufacture of piezoelectric ceramics, varistors and other electronic ceramic components. Due to the finer particle size of nanometer bismuth oxide, in addition to the properties and applications of bismuth oxide powder with general particle size, it can also be used in occasions with special particle [...]

The magical use of nano silicon carbide

Cubic silicon carbide, also known as β-SiC, belongs to the cubic crystal system (diamond crystal type), relative to the common silicon carbide powder α-SiC (black silicon carbide and green silicon carbide) has a unique advantage. Research shows that beta SiC powder with wear-resistant, high temperature resistant, heat resistant, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, good conductive properties such as good performance, can be widely used in the high-grade refractory materials, special ceramics materials, grinding materials and advanced and reinforced material, and other [...]

Nanometer magnesium hydroxide for nanoscale materials

Nano magnesium hydroxide can also be used to save fertilizer? Recently in zhengzhou held a “nanometer magnesium hydroxide fertilizer application technology” scientific and technological achievements appraisal meeting, nanometer magnesium hydroxide fertilizer synergist recognized by experts, experts agree that the technology has obvious economic benefits and social benefits. By zhao yufen academician, director of the national committee of xiamen university, south China agricultural university professor liao and henan academy of agricultural science and technology ke-gang sun researcher, deputy director of the [...]

Analysis method of vanadium pentoxide

Wage sample 0.1g (weigh to 0.0001g) in 300ml triangular conical flask, add 1:1 sulfuric acid 5ml, add a little steaming water, heat and dissolve, take off, add 3:1: 1 sulfur phosphate 15 ml, drops of 10% ammonium ferrous sulfate solution to a green, cool to room temperature in cold water with 3% potassium permanganate oxidation to solution is slightly red don’t disappear, then add about 1 gram of solid urea with 1% sodium nitrite is original to solution is [...]

Preparation of hexagonal flake nano magnesium hydroxide materials

Magnesium hydroxide is a kind of green, low-cost and environment-friendly inorganic additive flame retardant. It has the advantages of good thermal stability and non-toxicity. It can be widely added to polymer materials such as plastics, rubber and coatings to improve their flame retardant properties. However, the hexagonal flake-like nanometer magnesium hydroxide material with small particle size and low surface polarity has good dispersibility and nanometer activity. In the case of almost no impact on the use of strength, can [...]

Application and prospect of boron nitride nanomaterials

The purpose of preparation and characterization of boron nitride nanomaterials is to improve the properties of traditional boron nitride materials, give full play to their various effects at the nanoscale level, achieve expected excellent properties and expand new application fields. 1, boron nitride coating has obvious chemical inertia at high temperature, so that boron nitride coating can be used to protect aluminum, magnesium, zinc alloy and other materials from high temperature oxidation. When coated with refractory or ceramic ware, [...]

Hafnium carbide ceramic material additive

At present, the method of synthesis of hafnium carbide at home and abroad is not much reported, the original method, generally need to be above 1900℃ to react, high energy consumption, high requirements for equipment, and grow out of the particle size, need to use other methods to reduce the reaction temperature. (2) Liquid phase precursor conversion method. Wang Yanbin et al. used HfoCl2, HCl, HNO3, n-propanol, isopropanol, ethanol, acetyl and other HFC powders with sizes ranging from tens [...]

Preparation of high purity praseodymium chloride anhydrous by programmed temperature rise method

The purpose of the invention is to provide a program speed temperature control the preparation of high purity anhydrous praseodymium chloride or neodymium chloride, the method in the industrial scale of high purity anhydrous praseodymium chloride or neodymium chloride products, including water content is less than 0. 1%, the product is added to water dissolved immediately, dissolved after solution clear transparent, product purity is more than 99%, the yield more than 99%. Technical solutions will directly out of the [...]

Application of praseodymium fluoride

Praseodymium metal (PR) material is one of the products of light rare earth metals. Because of its unique physical and chemical properties, it has been widely used in the fields of rare earth permanent magnets, hydrogen storage materials, non-ferrous metals and alloys, ignition alloys, steel and iron, and has a promising prospect. In the middle of the 1950s, China began to develop metal praseodymium. In the 1960s, the metal gradually went into industrial production, and a small quantity of [...]

Applications of Titanium Silicide Carbide Ti3SiC2 layered ceramic materials

(1) biomedical applications In dentistry, materials or components used in the oral environment are required to withstand oxidation for a long time. Maintain stability, but also need to have good machinability and plasticity. Ti3SiC2 is an existing ceramic material It has metal properties and good biocompatibility, which makes it possible to be used in human body. Ti3SiC2 can be machined to precisely sized threads and can be made into implants without lubricant Or prosthesis and so on in oral medicine clinical application. Elastic [...]