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Shanghai silicate institute has made progress in the research of BiVO4 based photoanode materials

Solar photoelectric chemistry (PEC) cracking water is an effective method to convert solar energy into hydrogen energy. Among many semiconductor photoanodes, BiVO4 is an excellent photoanode material due to its suitable conduction band, valence band position and forbidden band width. BiVO4 has a light absorption edge of 515nm and a theoretical maximum photocurrent density (Jmax) of 7.5ma cm-2 under AM1.5 sunlight. However, the actual photodecomposition hydroelectricity current density (JH2O) is much lower than its theoretical value, mainly because BiVO4 [...]

Trillion-yuan battery market: global solid lithium battery research and development process

1. Continuous upgrading of energy and safety performance, outstanding advantages of solid lithium batteries Solid state lithium battery is expected to be an important development direction of the next generation of lithium battery. Countries around the world have formulated research and development goals for lithium batteries with high energy density. The Japanese government takes the lead in proposing the goal of “the energy density of battery cells for pure electric vehicles to reach 250Wh/kg by 2020 and 500Wh/kg by 2030”. [...]

China’s top ten molybdenum mining enterprises control the lifeblood of global molybdenum

Application of molybdenum: the average content of molybdenum in the earth’s crust is 0.00011%, and the global reserves of molybdenum are about 11 million tons. Molybdenum is widely used in iron and steel, petroleum, chemical industry, electrical and electronic technology, medicine and agriculture, etc. At the same time, molybdenum is one of the essential trace elements that affect the normal growth of people or plants. Molybdenum is mainly used in iron and steel industry, accounting for about 80% of [...]

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region discovered super large antimony ore reserves exceeding the world total

The Institute of Mineral Research of Inner Mongolia Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources has initially identified a super-large antimony ore in the northeast of Baiyinxile Ranch in Xilin Gol League, with a total of 873,600 tons of strontium oxide. This reserve exceeds the total reserves of cerium oxide previously identified at home and abroad. According to the report, the super-large antimony mine discovered this time is controlled by surface mapping and a small amount of engineering control. The total [...]

Important progress has been made in the study of intelligent Windows of vo2o2 thermochromic in Shanghai silicate institute

Energy crisis is a major problem facing human society today. Buildings account for more than one-third of the world’s total energy consumption, and nearly half of that is lost through building forms. Vanadium dioxide (VO2) is a typical thermally induced phase change material, which is used in the research and development of thermochromic intelligent energy-saving Windows because its phase change temperature can be adjusted around room temperature and significant optical response before and after the phase change. But the [...]

Qinghai Province: Focus on the development of new industries such as lithium batteries, new materials, and salt lakes

The author of the Damei Qinghai Investment Environment Description and Key Project Promotion Conference held in Xining on May 26 understands that Qinghai Province will focus on building lithium batteries, new materials, photovoltaic light and salt lake resources during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. Transform and upgrade traditional industries and cultivate and expand emerging industries. Hu Jun, deputy inspector of the Qinghai Provincial Development and Reform Commission, said that Qinghai Province vigorously promoted the implementation of the “4322” project during [...]

Parker’s research on new energy has greatly promoted China’s rare earth industry

According to the latest report of Pike Research (PikeResearch), by 2017, the annual demand for rare earths in new energy technology will exceed 12,000 tons from 2011 to 12,920 tons, indicating that China’s rare earth hydrogen storage The material industry will achieve a leap in development. According to the latest report of PikeResearch, by 2017, the demand for rare earths in new energy technology will exceed 12,000 tons in 2011 to reach 12,920 tons, indicating that China’s rare earths The [...]

Dancing in the carbon cage: the Chinese university of science and technology has made important progress in the regulation of the molecular structure of fullerenes.

Recently, China university of science and technology professor Yang Shangfeng group through the embedded fullerene chemistry modification, its molecular configuration control is implemented, to regulate the structure of embedded fullerenes provides a new train of thought. The work with “the Steering the Geometry of the Butterfly – Shaped Dimetal Carbide Cluster within a Carbon Cage via Trifluoromethylation of Y2C2 @ C82 (6)”, in the form of a cover article published in the latest issue of the international journal of [...]

China’s new materials out of the laboratory

Increasingly, metal powder is closely related to human life, and powder application gradually penetrates into human life. New material is one of the country’s seven strategic emerging industries, Over the years, China has stepped up its research in the field of new materials technology and some areas are at the advanced world level. Many industry insiders and experts think, There is plenty of room for development of new materials industry in China. At the same time, there is no shortage of [...]

Use nanotechnology to find invisible things

A new type of smart material called “Strain Glass” does not shrink or shrink with temperature, but shrinks and shrinks depending on the application. Clothes made of this fiberglass will automatically become breathable if you’re hot and tighter if you’re cold. It can also be applied to mobile phones, wristbands and other terminals, as well as a variety of precision instruments. Mr. Ren Xiaobing, Dean of the Frontier Science and Technology Research Institute of Xi’an Jiaotong University, shared this achievement [...]