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Hydroxyapatite-“Stand-in” for New Century Bone

Due to the effects of diseases, aging, and frequent traffic accidents, the number of cases of bone injury has increased year by year. According to statistics, there are 3 million orthopedic cases in China every year, so the demand for bone substitute materials is increasing. In recent years, bone substitute materials represented by hydroxyapatite have gradually become the darlings of clinical application. Hydroxyapatite is the main component of vertebrate bones and teeth, and has good biological activity and biocompatibility. Compared [...]

The technology of industrialized production of nanometer copper powder has developed by Chinese manufacturer

The bulk application of nanometer copper powder in the market is based on the cost. At present, the high cost cannot realize the mass application, and the reason for the high cost is that the industrial production of ordinary equipment cannot be realized. Therefore, the first problem we solved is to use ordinary conventional equipment to realize the industrial production of nanometer copper powder. If the cost problem is not solved, even the preparation of high purity, ultra-fineness, narrow [...]

The scientists obtained highly doped up-conversion nanoparticles

Led by Australia’s Macquarie university professor da-yong jin advanced cell instrument laboratory and engineering college of Beijing university department of biomedical engineering XiPeng research joint research, found the new nano photonics light-emitting mechanism, and implements the high concentration of doping on the conversion of nanoparticles (Upconversionnanocrystals) technology, which shows the most sensitive nano fluorescent material yet. The paper was published in Nature Nanotechnology. Upconversion nanoparticles, a novel fluorescent material, are promising a wide range of applications with their unique optical [...]

Laser technology opens up a new way to synthesize quantum dots

Recently, professor duhiwen’s team developed a new process for synthesizing monodisperse quantum dots, which is environmentally friendly and efficient. The results were published in Nature Communications, which is the world’s first report on synthesizing monodisperse quantum dots by physical method. Quantum dots, also known as semiconductor nanocrystals, are nanoparticles made up of ii-vi or iii-v elements. Quantum dot size, generally between 1 ~ 10 nm, due to the electrons and holes is strongly restricted in small volume, the quantum dot [...]

The institute of intelligence of Chinese Academy of Sciences introduced the up-conversion luminescent materials into SERS detection

Recently, researcher Yang liangbao and others of liu jinhuai research group of intelligent institute introduced up-conversion luminescent materials into surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) research, and realized the SERS detection with high sensitivity under long wavelength and low energy laser, which was of great significance to the application of SERS technology in practical detection. The results have been published in materials chemistry A and analysts of the royal society of chemistry. In recent years, SERS technology has attracted much attention due [...]

Upconversion nanoparticles convert infrared light into ultraviolet and visible light

Researchers from the department of bioengineering at the national university of Singapore’s school of engineering have developed a new technique that can convert infrared light into ultraviolet and visible light using nanoparticles, paving the way for non-invasive treatments for deep tumors, physicists group reported. The technique, which claims to inhibit tumor growth and control gene expression, is the world’s first non-invasive photodynamic therapy to treat deep tumors with nanoparticles. The paper appears in a recent issue of the journal [...]

Secondary tin and recycled tin will dominate the industry in the future

Tin is one of ten commonly used non-ferrous metals. At present, tin is mainly used in electronic solder, tinplate, tin chemical industry, tin alloy, float glass, tin handicraft and other industries. Tin applications in the electronics industry is mainly tin solder, used in electronic welding, the field currently accounts for 70 percent of China’s tin downstream application, in addition to tinplate and tin chemical products accounted for 8 percent and 12 percent of the downstream application. Tin is closely related [...]

Shanghai silicate institute has made progress in the research of BiVO4 based photoanode materials

Solar photoelectric chemistry (PEC) cracking water is an effective method to convert solar energy into hydrogen energy. Among many semiconductor photoanodes, BiVO4 is an excellent photoanode material due to its suitable conduction band, valence band position and forbidden band width. BiVO4 has a light absorption edge of 515nm and a theoretical maximum photocurrent density (Jmax) of 7.5ma cm-2 under AM1.5 sunlight. However, the actual photodecomposition hydroelectricity current density (JH2O) is much lower than its theoretical value, mainly because BiVO4 [...]

Trillion-yuan battery market: global solid lithium battery research and development process

1. Continuous upgrading of energy and safety performance, outstanding advantages of solid lithium batteries Solid state lithium battery is expected to be an important development direction of the next generation of lithium battery. Countries around the world have formulated research and development goals for lithium batteries with high energy density. The Japanese government takes the lead in proposing the goal of “the energy density of battery cells for pure electric vehicles to reach 250Wh/kg by 2020 and 500Wh/kg by 2030”. [...]

China’s top ten molybdenum mining enterprises control the lifeblood of global molybdenum

Application of molybdenum: the average content of molybdenum in the earth’s crust is 0.00011%, and the global reserves of molybdenum are about 11 million tons. Molybdenum is widely used in iron and steel, petroleum, chemical industry, electrical and electronic technology, medicine and agriculture, etc. At the same time, molybdenum is one of the essential trace elements that affect the normal growth of people or plants. Molybdenum is mainly used in iron and steel industry, accounting for about 80% of [...]