Base Metals Compounds

  • Aluminum Nitride micron and nano powder

  • Nickel cobalt manganese

  • Nanometer Aluminum hydroxide

    Other name: Alumina trihydrate; Aluminium hydrate

    CAS no. : 51-21645-2

    EINECS no. : 244-492-7

    Molecular formula: Al(OH)3

    Molecular weight: 78.0027

    Melting point: 300 ℃ (lose) water

    Solubility: insoluble

  • Nanometer Tin oxide

    English alias: Tin (IV) oxide; Tin Dioxide;

    CAS no. : 18282-10-5; 1332-29-2

    EINECS no. : 242-159-0; 215-569-2

    Formula: SnO2

    Molecular weight: 150.69

    Density: 6.95

    Melting point: 1127 ℃

    Solubility: INSOLUBLE

  • Nano Aluminum oxide

    Other name: alpha-Alumina; Aluminumoxidegammamodmicron; Aluminamesh; alpha Alumina; Aluminium oxide; Aluminium oxide,active; oxo-oxoalumanyloxy-alumane; dialuminum oxygen(-2) anion; Aluminium oxide wafer; ; corundum, artificial; Corundum (lattice spacing, other parameters); activated alumina; alumina activated; activated alumina ball; activated alumina desiccant; Ultrafine Alumina

    CAS no. : 1344-28-1; 11092-32-3; 1302-74-5

    EINECS no. : 215-691-6

    Molecular formula: Al2O3

    Molecular weight: 101.9613

    The density of 3.97

    Melting point is 2050 ° C

    The boiling point of 2980 ° C

    Solubility in water INSOLUBLE

  • Stannic Sulfide

    Other name: tin monosulfide, tin(ii) sulfide, Tin sulphide; thioxostannane

    Chemical formula: SnS

    Molecular weight:150.775

    CAS number: 1314-95-0

    EINECS: 215-248-7

    Melting point : 880 ℃

    Boiling point: 1230 ℃

    Water: insolubility

    Density: relative density 5.22

    Molality: 150.775 g/mol g·mol⁻¹

  • Zinc telluride

    Other name: tellanylidenezinc

    CAS no. : 1315-11-3

    EINECS no. : 215-260-2

    Formula: TeZn.

    Molecular weight: 193.009

    Melting point is 1238.5 ℃

    Density: 6.34 g/Ml at   25 ℃

  • Copper zinc tin sulfide

    Other name: CZTS

    Chemical formula: Cu2ZnSnS4

    Molecular weight :439.471 g / mol

    CAS Number:12158-89-3

    Melting point: 990 ° C (1,810 ° F; 1,260 K)

    Safety Description: Non-toxic

  • Tin zinc oxide nano powder

    English alias: Zinc Stannate; zinc oxostannanediolate

    CAS no. : 12036-37-2

    Molecular formula: O3SnZn

    Molecular weight: 232.1172

  • Tin Disulfide

    Other name: Stannic sulfide; Tin disulphide; Tin sulfide (SnS2); sulfur(2-) dihydride; Tin(Ⅳ) sulfide; Tin(IV) sulfide

    (SnS2); sulfur (2-) dihydride; Tin (Ⅳ) sulfide; Tin (IV) sulfide (SnS2)

    CAS Number: 1315-01-1

    EINECS number: 215-252-9

    Molecular formula: H4S2Sn

    Molecular weight: 186.87176

  • Nano nickel oxide

    English alias: Nickel sesquioxide; Nickelic oxide; Nickel peroxide; Nickel oxide (Ⅲ)

    The CAS number: 1314-06-3

    EINECS no. : 215-217-8

    Molecular formula: Ni2O3

    Molecular weight: 165.38

  • Calcium Copper Titanium Oxide

    Other Name: Copper calcium titanate, CCTO

    Molecular formula: CaCu3Ti4O12

    Structure: Perovskite cubic crystal

    Calcium Copper Titanium Oxide, also known as CCTO, is a high dielectric constant inorganic energy storage materials, is the production of super capacitor one of the best materials. CCTO has a good overall performance, it is in the high-density energy storage, thin film devices (such as MEMS, GB-DRAM), high dielectric capacitors and a series of high-tech fields have been widely used.