Barium titanate micron and nano powder

Barium titanate micron and nano powder

Other name: barium titanium trioxide; Barium titanium oxide; Barium titanate(IV)

CAS no. : 12047-27-7

EINECS no. : 234-975-0

Molecular formula: Ba2O4Ti

Molecular weight: 386.5186

Melting point: 1625 ℃

The relative density: 6.017

Solubility soluble in sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and hydrofluoric acid, not soluble in hot dilute nitric acid, water and alkali

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Particle size: 0.8-2um, 500nm, 20nm
Appearance: white powder
( micron grade )Water content (wt %):<0.3
( micron grade ) Calcination reduction (wt %) :<0.5


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