• Lanthanum manganate

    Purity: not less than 99.9%

    Application: Solid fuel cells, semiconductors, catalysts


  • Potassium Silicate Titanate

    Name: Potassium Silicate Titanate

    Other name: Fused Potassium Silico-Titanate

  • Nano nickel oxide

    English alias: Nickel sesquioxide; Nickelic oxide; Nickel peroxide; Nickel oxide (Ⅲ)

    The CAS number: 1314-06-3

    EINECS no. : 215-217-8

    Molecular formula: Ni2O3

    Molecular weight: 165.38

  • Calcium Copper Titanium Oxide

    Other Name: Copper calcium titanate, CCTO

    Molecular formula: CaCu3Ti4O12

    Structure: Perovskite cubic crystal

    Calcium Copper Titanium Oxide, also known as CCTO, is a high dielectric constant inorganic energy storage materials, is the production of super capacitor one of the best materials. CCTO has a good overall performance, it is in the high-density energy storage, thin film devices (such as MEMS, GB-DRAM), high dielectric capacitors and a series of high-tech fields have been widely used.

  • Niobium metaphosphate

    English name: Niobium metaphosphate

    Chemical formula: Nb (PO3) 5

    Molecular weight: 487.90

    Properties: sodium biphosphate glass, white powder, insoluble in water, PH value: 3.8

  • Ammonium niobium oxalate

    English alias: Ethanedioic acid ammonium niobium (5 +) salt , Ammonium niobate (v) oxalate hydrate

    CAS no. : 168547-43-1

    Molecular formula: C4H4NNbO9

    Molecular weight: 302.98 g / mol

  • Titanium black Ti4O7

    Other name: Titanium (Ⅶ) oxide sintered, titanium black, black titanium powder,titanium oxide,Tilox Black (South Korea);magneli phase,titanium magneli
    Industrialized commodity name :Ebonex
    Formula: Ti4O7
    Density: 4.26g/cm3
    Melting point: 2180℃

  • Ammoinum Dimolybdate

    Other name: Ammonium molybdate
    CAS no. : 27546-07-2
    EINECS no. : 248-517-2
    Molecular formula: H8Mo2N2O7
    Molecular weight: 339.9527

  • Cuprous telluride

    Other name: dicopper telluride, Cuprous monotelluride;
    CAS no. : 12019-52-2
    EINECS no. : 234-646-1
    Molecular formula: Cu2Te
    Molecular weight: 254.692
    Density: 7.27g /cm3
    Melting point: 900 ℃

  • Ammoinum Heptamolybdate

    Other name: Hexaammonium molybdate
    CAS no. : 12027-67-7
    EINECS no. : 234-722-4
    Molecular formula: H24Mo7N6O24
    Molecular weight: 1163.88

  • Germanium telluride

    Other name: Germanium(II) telluride
    CAS no. : 12025-39-7
    EINECS no. : 234-706-7
    Molecular formula: GeTe
    Molecular weight: 200.24
    Density (g/mL,25℃) : 6.14
    Melting point (oC) : 725

  • Sodium titanate

    Other name: Sodium metatitanate; disodium trititanium heptaoxide
    CAS no. : 12034-36-5
    EINECS no. : 234-803-4
    Molecular formula: Na2O3Ti
    Molecular weight: 141.8447
    Melting point: 1128 ℃