The mystery of vanadium dioxide is revealed

As an insulator, the vanadium dioxide material presents many competing phenomena when it is used as an insulator in relatively low temperature. However, since the study of vanadium dioxide has been studied since the 1960s, this strange phase behavior has not been mastered. Scientists have uncovered a mystery that has puzzled the academic world for decades by studying the system of the vanadium dioxide (metal to insulator), the us scientist said Wednesday.

University of Tennessee, a research associate, Alexander’s low cooperation with French scientists, they found on multiphase competition of vanadium dioxide are purely caused by lattice symmetry, and argues that when cooling vanadium dioxide lattice can happen “fold” in different ways, so people observed phenomenon is vanadium dioxide different folding form.

Vanadium oxide is unusual in the material world with its rapid and sudden phase change, with a phase transition temperature of 68 degrees Celsius. The conductive properties of vanadium dioxide have the potential to be widely used in optical devices, electronic devices and optoelectronic devices.

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