Monthly Archives - November 2017

Iridium metal proved to destroy cancer cells

Recently, the Physicists Network reported that an international collaborative study between the University of Warwick and Sun Yat-sen University in China showed that cancer cells can be targeted and destroyed by metal iridium. The heavyweight study was published in the latest issue of Willie Applied Chemistry. Iridium was first discovered in 1803 and, like the platinum group, it is the most corrosion-resistant metal in the world. Its melting point exceeds 2400 ° C and is uncommon on Earth, but abundant [...]

Three-dimensional covalently attached sp2 hybrid graphite micropipes enhance the cycling stability of lithium metal negative

Lithium metal is considered as the most ideal lithium battery anode material due to its extremely high capacity (theoretical specific capacity of 3860 mA h g-1) and low potential (-3.040 V vs. standard hydrogen electrode). However, unlike graphite or silicon negative electrodes that achieve energy storage by forming lithium-based compounds, metallic lithium negative electrodes store energy by deposition / delamination of lithium at the electrode / electrolyte interface, which causes the lithium metal to react electrochemically Almost infinite volume [...]