Monthly Archives - January 2018

Use nanotechnology to find invisible things

A new type of smart material called “Strain Glass” does not shrink or shrink with temperature, but shrinks and shrinks depending on the application. Clothes made of this fiberglass will automatically become breathable if you’re hot and tighter if you’re cold. It can also be applied to mobile phones, wristbands and other terminals, as well as a variety of precision instruments. Mr. Ren Xiaobing, Dean of the Frontier Science and Technology Research Institute of Xi’an Jiaotong University, shared this achievement [...]

Five trends in the future of nanotechnology

The body’s “doctor” People can now wear health monitoring devices on their body to stay informed about their condition. If we further miniaturize this technology, then the use of nano-technology can be micro-sensor implantation or injection into the human body, capture the patient more detailed information, which is more conducive to the doctor for diagnosis and treatment. In addition there are other possibilities, such as monitoring the development of human inflammation, postoperative recovery, and even the birth of an electronic device [...]