Use nanotechnology to find invisible things

A new type of smart material called “Strain Glass” does not shrink or shrink with temperature, but shrinks and shrinks depending on the application. Clothes made of this fiberglass will automatically become breathable if you’re hot and tighter if you’re cold. It can also be applied to mobile phones, wristbands and other terminals, as well as a variety of precision instruments.

Mr. Ren Xiaobing, Dean of the Frontier Science and Technology Research Institute of Xi’an Jiaotong University, shared this achievement with guests at the Future Science Forum of 2017 Pujiang Innovation Forum held in Shanghai on September 24.

Ren Xiaobing said that in the past few years, the discovery depends on the glass itself, the signal is sent to the glass will give feedback. Knowing this, I know that I can use this nanotechnology, do not use high-energy photons into low-energy photons, you can do is shine on the low-energy things on the glass, through the energy conversion really in our Need to measure photons or photoelectric when measured.

Ren Xiaobing explained that in the fiber for a period of exposure to light, you can find in the material really need to measure the photoelectric part. So with such a technique, you can sense or predict cells in your body without taking any cells out of your body, and you can use them in areas that you’ve never had before, such as in your body, To know that some blood vessels that used to be thrombotic causes stroke, it can be avoided now

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