Monthly Archives - April 2018

The curtain of nano-photocatalytic materials can purify the air.

The reporter understands from hefei material science research institute of Chinese academy of sciences, the institute Tian Xingyou applied technology institute, a research and development team, in the recycling of nanometer photocatalytic materials and functional fabric coating research has made new progress. The research is published in the international journal cellulose. In many contaminants, photocatalytic materials can effectively under the action of sunlight, degradation of pollutants, a variety of photocatalytic nanomaterials research has been used in the purification of the [...]

Application of nano powder in the field of new building materials.

Nano particles with large specific surface area, surface atom number, surface energy and surface tension with increasing sharply with the decrease of the particle size, small size effect, surface effect, quantum size effect and macroscopic tunnel effect of nanoparticles such as heat, magnetism, light, sensitive properties and surface stability of different conventional particles, such as, in the environmental protection, medical, aerospace, paint, ceramics, chemical, and other fields has a broad application prospect. The application of nanometer powder materials in new [...]