Application of nano powder in the field of new building materials.

Nano particles with large specific surface area, surface atom number, surface energy and surface tension with increasing sharply with the decrease of the particle size, small size effect, surface effect, quantum size effect and macroscopic tunnel effect of nanoparticles such as heat, magnetism, light, sensitive properties and surface stability of different conventional particles, such as, in the environmental protection, medical, aerospace, paint, ceramics, chemical, and other fields has a broad application prospect.

The application of nanometer powder materials in new building materials such as new building coatings, composite cement, ceramic materials and thermal insulation materials is introduced.

  1. Nano powder is used for building coatings.

Nano-composite coating is a coating that can resist aging, radiation, high peel strength or some special functions. It has the following excellent properties:

(1) it has good scalability, can cover the small cracks in the wall, and has the self-healing effect of micro-cracks.

(2) it has good water resistance, anti-foreign body adhesion, stain resistance, alkali resistance and erosion resistance.

(3) it has the performance of deodorization, sterilization, dustproof and heat insulation.

(4) the color of nano-coating is bright and soft, with soft feel and smooth paint film, improving the appearance of the building.

  1. Application of nano powder in anti-aging and weathering coatings.

Nanometer ZnO is used in environmental protection coatings, which can significantly improve the anti-aging ability of coatings. Meanwhile, nano-zinc oxide photocatalysis can be used to decompose organic matter, and to fight bacteria and deodorization.

  1. Application of nano-self-cleaning antibacterial coating.

At present, the domestic has been industrialized production of nanometer antibacterial powder used in paint, coating can be obtained in building material products, such as sanitary ware, interior space, equipment, hospital operation room and ward of metope, ground, etc., sterilization, cleaning effect.

In the coating, nano TiO2, ZnO, etc. are added to prepare bactericidal coatings.


  1. Application of nano conductive coatings.

At present, the coating can be prepared by adding Fe2O3, antimony dioxide and other nano powders, and can be used to prepare nano conductive coatings with good electrostatic shielding.

These oxide nanoparticles with semiconductor properties at room temperature is higher than the conventional oxide of conductive characteristics, at the same time, the color of the oxide nanoparticles is different, this kind of coating not only with electrostatic shielding properties, and overcome the monotonicity of coating color.

Nano powder is used for concrete materials.

  1. Application of nanometer inorganic substance in concrete.

Nano SiO2, nano CaCO3 and nanometer silicon powder and so on can not only fill the gap of cement, improve the fluidity of concrete, more important is can improve water debris and aggregate concrete interface structure, make the strength, impermeability and durability of concrete are improved.

  1. Application of nano metal powder in concrete.

Nanometer metal powders have high strength and hardness, adding nano metal powders in concrete can significantly improve the compressive and plasticity of concrete.

Using the absorbing properties of nano-metal powders and adding nano-metal powders to cement concrete, the functional electromagnetic shielding concrete can be made.

  1. Application of nanometer metal oxide in concrete.

The nano-metal oxide materials can be used for electromagnetic shielding, and can also be used for the preparation of intelligent cement concrete, such as self-police cement concrete, etc.

This kind of cement concrete has strong conductivity, but also has the sensing effect. It can be used for real-time and long-term monitoring of civil engineering structure, and it is easy to monitor the cracking and damage of concrete structure, damage evaluation, vehicle weight and speed, etc.

  1. Application of polymer/inorganic nanocomposites in concrete.

The polymer/inorganic nanocomposite is used in cement concrete, which can not only improve the compressive, tensile and bending strength of concrete, but also improve its durability.

In the concrete mixed with a certain amount of polymer/inorganic nanocomposites, evenly dispersed in the concrete, using the conductivity of polymer/inorganic nanocomposites, testing the change of resistance, between the resistance and load model is established, which can predict the destruction of concrete structures.

Nano powder is used for ceramic materials.

  1. Application of nano powder in health and antibacterial ceramics.

Properties of nano material series are mainly TiO2 series, Ag, Cu, ZnO series and so on, are mainly mixed with ceramic glaze, or in the mixed with ceramic surface, producing antibacterial ceramic glazed tile and sanitary ceramics and other products, mainly used for wall decoration, kitchen, bathroom and toilet on the ground.

  1. Application of nano powder in green energy ceramics.

The special photoelectromagnetic properties of nano-particles are used to make solar ceramics, far-infrared ceramics, etc., which can be used for building decoration, can develop solar energy, regulate ambient temperature, and promote people’s health.

  1. Nano powder is used for building fire fighting materials.

Nanometer materials in the application of fire mainly includes five aspects: the content of the flame retardant materials (nano flame retardant), nano steel structure fire retardant coatings, fire extinguishing agent, nano fire alarm and fire fighting equipment, etc.

At present, the application of nano-technology in flame retardant materials has been revealed, and the prospect is promising. The main application form is to add flame retardant to combustible materials. Additive particle size and morphology have great influence on the performance and flame retardant effect of plastic products and textile fabrics.

For example, the nano-trioxide antimony, with its large specific surface area, has great permeability, high adhesion force, strong fastness to washing, and very obvious flame retardant effect.

  1. Thermal insulation materials.

At present mainly inorganic silicate as basic material, modified by high temperature and high pressure of nano functional materials and thermal insulation material not only has very good heat preservation effect, at the same time also no damage to human body, is a kind of green environmental protection heat preservation material, is widely used in building exterior wall decoration.

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