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Application of rare earth in new materials

Rare earth cobalt and lanthanum, iron and boron permanent magnet materials, with high remanence, high coercivity and high magnetic energy product, are widely used in the electronics and aerospace industries; garnets made of pure rare earth oxides and ferric oxide Type ferrite single crystal and polycrystal, can be used in microwave and electronics industry; yttrium aluminum garnet and bismuth glass made of high purity cerium oxide can be used as solid laser material; Rare earth hexaboride can be used to [...]

Current application fields of coating film

Application in decoration decoration: coating film of mobile phone case, watch case, spectacle frame, hardware and small ornament. Application in hard coating: cutting tools, molds, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant parts, etc. Application in protective coating: aircraft engine blade, automobile steel plate, heat sink, etc. Application in the field of optical film: anti-reflection film, anti-reflection film, cut-off filter, anti-counterfeiting film, etc. Application in building glass: sunshine control film, low-radiation glass, anti-fog and anti-dew, self-cleaning glass, etc. Application in the field of solar energy utilization: solar collector [...]

Chemical reagent preservation method that you can understand at a glance

Chemical reagents should be properly sealed and stored in the reagent bottle. For chemical agents that are prone to deterioration, volatilization or danger, special preservation methods should be used depending on the nature. 1 Drugs that react easily with oxygen, water vapor, carbon dioxide, etc. in the air should be sealed and stored. For example, potassium and sodium should be immersed in kerosene; white phosphorus should be placed in water to isolate it from air. 2 Drugs that are easy to [...]

Classification of rare earth products

There are many types of rare earth products. According to the depth of processing, we divide it into selected products and applied products. The former refers to rare earth concentrate produced by rare earth mining and smelting enterprises, single and mixed rare earth oxides, metals and their alloys, single and mixed rare earth salts, etc., totaling more than 300 varieties and more than 500 specifications. The latter refers to all finished products containing rare earths, such as rare earth [...]

The first and second generation of lithium titanate

Lithium titanate: the ill-fated first generation of quick-charge batteries Under this background, micromacro enters the “quick charging stage”. “” in 2010, we launched the LpTO lithium titanate battery, officially launched the quick charge technology route and applied in chongqing bus.” ” “For the fixed line between A and B, the quick charge operation mode is to set charging station at point A or A and B simultaneously. The battery capacity of the vehicle does not need to be large, and [...]