Current application fields of coating film

  1. Application in decoration decoration: coating film of mobile phone case, watch case, spectacle frame, hardware and small ornament.
  2. Application in hard coating: cutting tools, molds, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant parts, etc.
  3. Application in protective coating: aircraft engine blade, automobile steel plate, heat sink, etc.
  4. Application in the field of optical film: anti-reflection film, anti-reflection film, cut-off filter, anti-counterfeiting film, etc.
  5. Application in building glass: sunshine control film, low-radiation glass, anti-fog and anti-dew, self-cleaning glass, etc.
  6. Application in the field of solar energy utilization: solar collector tubes, solar cells, etc.
  7. Application in IC manufacturing: film resistor, film capacitor, film temperature sensor, etc.
  8. Application in the field of information display: liquid crystal screen, plasma screen, etc.
  9. Application in the field of information storage: magnetic information storage, magneto-optical information storage, etc.
  10. Microelectronics: CPU, various microprocessors

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