Application of rare earth in new materials

Rare earth cobalt and lanthanum, iron and boron permanent magnet materials, with high remanence, high coercivity and high magnetic energy product, are widely used in the electronics and aerospace industries; garnets made of pure rare earth oxides and ferric oxide Type ferrite single crystal and polycrystal, can be used in microwave and electronics industry; yttrium aluminum garnet and bismuth glass made of high purity cerium oxide can be used as solid laser material;

Rare earth hexaboride can be used to make electron-emitting cathode materials; bismuth-nickel metal is a hydrogen storage material newly developed in the 1970s; strontium chromate is a high-temperature thermoelectric material; in recent years, bismuth-based copper-oxide-modified sulfhydryl groups have been used in countries around the world. Superconducting materials made of oxides can obtain superconductors in the liquid nitrogen temperature zone, making breakthroughs in the development of superconducting materials.

In addition, rare earth is also widely used in lighting sources, projection TV phosphors, inductive screen phosphors, trichromatic phosphors, and copy lamp powders. In agriculture, the application of trace amounts of rare earth nitrate to field crops can increase the yield by 5~ 10%; in the textile industry, rare earth chloride is also widely used in tanned fur, fur dyeing, yarn dyeing and carpet dyeing.

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