Application of conductive potassium titanate whiskers

With the continuous improvement and development of technology, the conductive properties of insulating matrix composites have become more and more popular. The development of high performance conductive reinforced fiber material manufacturers have been very important. In order to meet this demand, potassium titanate whiskers with high conductivity can be prepared by reduction method and coating conductive layer method on the basis of potassium titanate whiskers.
The conductive whisker can not only keep the original good physical and chemical properties of potassium titanate whisker: high strength, high modulus, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, has good process performance, microscopic filling and isotropic reinforced plastic products, good dimensional stability, high surface roughness, friction sliding performance is good and so on many significant advantages, and whisker has a uniform stability of conductivity in a cold environment, can design according to the demand for any proper resistance, and can be any color. Make it become the development of modern composite materials of high performance enhancer and advanced products facing the 21st century materials.
(1) main characteristics of conductive potassium titanate whisker:
1. Fine ceramics. The whisker is a fine ceramic product with extremely stable chemical and physical properties of potassium titanate whisker.
2. Stable electrical conductivity and good reliability. Compared with other conductive powders, only a small amount of this whisker (generally only about 1/2 ~ 1/3 of the amount of other conductive substances) is needed to obtain the required conductive properties and make the insulating material conductive. And according to the different types of resin, choose the appropriate conductive level of whiskers, to achieve the desired conductive effect, so it is very economical.
The electrical conductivity of the material, the resistor body that makes with its performance in the 1012 ~ 100 Ω cm wide range to carry on the design and adjustment, and with a stable physical and chemical properties. Under the change of cold and hot environment, the conductivity value remains basically unchanged. It has stable conductive and resistive properties even in wet conditions. , therefore, can make within 1012 ~ 100 Ω cm requirements resistance stability of conductive, antistatic etc.
3. Uniform filling performance. The whisker is a fine fiber shape, which can be evenly dispersed in the electrical insulation substrate and can be used to make uniform resistive body material.
4. High heat resistance. Even at 600 ℃ in air, its electrical conductivity is not changed.
5. It has good stability to the changes of physical and chemical environment. The whisker has good stability to humidity, organic solvent, acid, alkali and other chemical changes. Therefore, it is most suitable for the use of electrode materials and various heating materials and other resistive materials.
6. Added to the coating for enhanced effect. When used in coating, the coating film can be formed with good flexural resistance, and the film will not crack when it is folded. And can greatly improve the impact resistance of the coating film, so that the coating has functional properties.
7. Composite plastics have good process characteristics and can greatly improve the physical and mechanical properties of composite materials. Can produce abrasion resistance, smooth surface, good dimensional stability of plastic composite molding products. In the molding process of composite material, it has the advantages of good fluidity, small wear of mould and screw.
8. Free to mix and match colors with colorants. The whiteness was improved with titanium oxide without affecting the impedance value. It can be used with other colorants to produce various beautiful color film and forming products.

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