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The content distribution of vanadium

Vanadium is found all over the world. There is not much vanadium in the earth’s crust. On average, there is one atom of vanadium in 20,000 atoms, more than copper, tin, zinc and nickel. Vanadium is found in seawater, in sea urchins and other Marine organisms, in magnetite, in a variety of bituminous minerals and coal ash, in meteorites falling to earth and in the spectral lines of the sun. Vanadium is a trace element widely distributed on the [...]

Decomposition of rare earth concentrate

Rare earth concentrate in the rare earth, generally insoluble in water carbonate, fluoride, phosphate, oxide or silicate and other forms. Must be through a variety of chemical change to rare earth into soluble in water or inorganic acid compounds, after dissolving, separation, purification, concentration and calcination process, made all kinds of mixed rare earth compounds such as mixed rare earth chloride, as a product or separation of single rare earth materials, such a process known as decomposition, also known [...]

Present situation and development direction of strontium industry in China

Keywords: strontium, strontium chloride, strontium carbonate With magnesium, calcium, barium strontium Ⅱ for A family of elements, is A kind of soft silvery white metal, 2.6 g/cm3 density, melting point 769 ℃, boiling point 1384 ℃, + 2 valence. Strontium is a reactive chemical that burns red when heated to the melting point in air and is readily reacted with water and acids to give off hydrogen. Strontium and its compounds have been widely used since 1808, when the British chemist [...]