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Select bismuth titanate specific work introduction

Bil2Ti020 material was prepared by solution hydrothermal method. Crystals with graded structure such as micron ball, micron flower, nanorod and nanowire were synthesized. For controllable morphology, this paper analyzes the reaction temperature, reaction time, pH and PVA concentration on Bil2Ti020 morphology and structure, the influence of the reaction parameters of the material controllable morphology, proposed the nanoparticles a micron spend a growth mechanism of nanowires – micro ball and focuses on the material of optical and light catalytic properties. [...]

China rare earth polishing powder industry status and development

1. The development course People in rare earth polishing powder before the main iron oxide polishing glass, because the cerium oxide has the unique physical and chemical properties, are widely used in glass surface polishing gradually: the United States and Canada in 1944 launched the first generation of rare earth polishing powder, Japanese companies since the 1950 s production of rare earth polishing powder, our country started in 1958 to develop rare earth polishing powder, then gansu rare earth company [...]

OLED material types and international manufacturers

The “big five” class of materials that make up OLED Introduction: there are many kinds of OLED materials, including anode materials, cathode materials, buffer layer materials, carrier transport materials and luminous materials. 1. Anode materials The anode material of OLED is mainly used as the anode of the device, and its work function is required to be as high as possible to improve the injection efficiency of the holes. OLED devices require one side of the electrode to be transparent, so transparent [...]

Study on oxygen vacancy of rare earth elements (cerium, scandium) and zirconia and its application

The formation mechanism of oxygen vacancy in zirconia doped cerium oxide (ZDC) and scandium oxide stabilized zirconia (ScSZ) was studied. At present, ZDC materials have been used in the manufacture of automobile exhaust catalysts, but there is a lack of systematic research on the formation of oxygen vacancy and thermodynamic mechanism and quantitative analysis of related parameters. In this paper, the effects of zirconia doping ratio on oxygen vacancy of ZDC materials at different temperatures and oxygen partial pressures [...]

New developments in several hot areas of nanomaterials

1. design and research of nano-assembly system At present, the research object is mainly focused on the nanoarray system. Nano-mosaic system; Mesoporous and nanoparticle composite system and nanoparticle membrane. Purpose is according to the need to design a new material system, explore or improve the performance of the material, the target is the preparation for the production of nano device, such as high brightness solid electronic display, nanocrystalline diode, vacuum ultraviolet to the near infrared especially in the light of [...]

Synthesis and characterization of nanometer zirconia powders

Zirconia has excellent mechanical, thermal, optical and electrical properties and is widely used in high-temperature structural materials, high-temperature optical elements, thermal sensors and fuel cells. There are many preparation methods of zirconia, including mechanical chemical ball mill method, tube ion technology sol-gel method, co-precipitation method, hydrothermal method and microwave hydrothermal method, etc., among which sol-gel method is favored for its simple process, room temperature operation, high product purity, good particle uniformity and other advantages. 1 experimental part 1.1 reagents and instruments Zirconium [...]