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Thermal and optical properties of nanometer tin oxide

In terms of thermal properties, nano SnO2 can be attributed to an ATO raw material, and its heat insulation mechanism: The SnO2 crystal has a regular tetrahedral rutile structure, and the anion coordination number is 6∶3. Each tin ion is adjacent to 6 oxygen ions, and each oxygen ion is adjacent to 3 tin ions. After antimony doped ions in SnO2, occupy the position of the lattice Sn4 +, forming a positive charge one price center SbSn and an extra [...]

How to analyze the fiber strength of potassium titanate whisker

In recent years, potassium titanate whisker achieved breakthrough on the manufacturing cost, combined with the diverse, more and more attention, the performance is very excellent after wear test proves that the potassium titanate whisker reinforced material products even after wear test its surface finish and no big change, potassium titanate whisker was originally by NASA as Saturn rocket nozzle of insulation material development. In view of the rocket launch a flushing high temperature and high pressure air flow, filling [...]

Types and applications of zirconium oxide materials

Zirconium oxide is a kind of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and good electrical conductivity of inorganic non-metallic materials, that should be used for refractory material field in the early 1920 s, until the mid – 1970 – s, Europe and the United States, the advanced countries in the world have had the same person research and development of zirconium oxide production technology and zirconium oxide series products production, further to expand application field of zirconium oxide [...]

To introduce the preparation of strontium titanate

Research progress of preparation methods of strontium titanate at present, the main preparation methods of strontium titanate are sol thermal method. Sol-sol-whether in metallic materials, or in organic and inorganic non-metallic materials, adding appropriate amount of strontium and its compounds can change some of its properties and even make it have special functions, so it has the name of metal monosodium glutamate. Strontium titanate (SrT iO 3) is one of the important strontium compounds. Strontium titanate has the advantages of [...]