How to analyze the fiber strength of potassium titanate whisker

In recent years, potassium titanate whisker achieved breakthrough on the manufacturing cost, combined with the diverse, more and more attention, the performance is very excellent after wear test proves that the potassium titanate whisker reinforced material products even after wear test its surface finish and no big change, potassium titanate whisker was originally by NASA as Saturn rocket nozzle of insulation material development. In view of the rocket launch a flushing high temperature and high pressure air flow, filling enhanced material products excellent wear resistance, sliding. Japanese scientists will replace asbestos fiber six potassium titanate whisker, Made of automotive clutch, brake, brake pad, friction temperature is much higher than asbestos fiber products, the urgent need for a good thermal insulation performance, wear-resistant, impact resistant materials.

To replace asbestos fiber and glass fiber reinforced materials products become very rough surface after wear test. To choose the titanium potassium titanate whisker is a new type of needle short fiber, is a new generation of high-performance composite strengthening agent [1-5] in the 80 s, research has focused on the synthesis and chemical properties, such as potassium titanate whisker application in friction material.

Due to the excellent wear resistance and sliding property of potassium hexatate whisker reinforced composites, Japanese chemical company took the lead in establishing titanium in the late 1970s and put it into large-scale production under the name of TISMO. More than two times the service life, greatly improve the safety performance of the car.

Domestic in preparation of potassium titanate whisker modified plastic material friction also has a lot of research. Research focus to its application and more than 90% of the research results published in the form of patent, at present, the research and application of potassium titanate whisker in China there is a big gap compared with abroad, but domestic titanium is rich in mineral resources and a large number of titanium dioxide manufacturers, cheap raw materials, synthesis of potassium titanate.

Ideal complete crystal is difficult to get the actual application, similar to the ideal crystal whisker and approximation for fibrous materials have been applied. Whisker is currently the highest known in the fiber strength, its mechanical performance almost equal in force between atoms. The cause of the high strength whisker, mainly due to the smaller the diameter of the whisker can hold crystals, weaken the gaps, defects such as dislocations and incomplete.

Potassium titanate whisker is a kind of the excellent performance of composite materials to enhance fiber, has good mechanical properties and physical properties, but also has the very high electric insulation, heat resistance (1200 in the air, heat insulation performance and excellent infrared wavelength region emission performance. Expansion coefficient of plastic and its composite reinforced plastic compatibility is good, how to make full use of these conditions, develop high quality, low cost.

Simple synthetic work art and used in various fields of new technology has become the top priority. From the point of view of crystallography, complete crystal form is the highest strength of material. The diameter of the whisker was micron grade, section shows polygonal, no significant effects of fatigue, in cutting, milling or other construction operations, will not reduce its strength, will not change its performance.

And potassium titanate whisker and potassium titanate fibers, or other forms, such as potassium titanate scaly, chemical formula is the same as the potassium titanate whisker. From the chemical composition, potassium titanate whisker and there is no essential difference in potassium titanate fibers on the mechanical performance and thermal resistance can, there is a difference between. Detergent showed good abrasion resistance and lubricity. In engineering plastics, friction material, heat insulation, insulation materials, and other fields has been widely used. As long as cooperate with applicable sliding additives, can in order to design a good sliding resistance and wear resistance of the composite materials.

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