Common synthetic method for preparing aluminum nitride powder

Currently, there are many methods to prepare aluminum nitride powder, such as direct nitriding of aluminum powder, carbonothermic reduction of alumina, sol, self-tensioning, plasma synthesis, decomposition of polymer containing ALN bond, chemical vapor deposition, water-induced solid phase reaction, sol-gel method, etc. The following small series for you to introduce the aluminum nitride powder commonly used synthesis.
1) direct nitriding of aluminum powder
ALN+N2→2ALN put aluminum powder into the reaction furnace filled with nitrogen and ammonia reaction to heat to 600℃ to start the reaction. This is a simple and direct way to synthesize ALN powder with high purity and no side effects.
However, it is difficult to obtain the fine and uniform size aluminum nitride powder by this method. Moreover, the formation of ALN layer on the surface of AL particle after nitriding will hinder the diffusion of nitrogen to the center of the particle, so the conversion rate of this method is also an important problem.
2) carbon thermal reduction of alumina
Al203+3C+N2→2AlN+3CO is the most widely used method in industrial production.
Calcium oxide, calcium fluoride and yttrium oxide are often added as catalysts in the preparation of aluminum nitride powder. This kind of aluminum nitride powder has high purity, good forming and sintering properties, but high synthesis temperature, long reaction time and large powder size.
Above is the commonly used synthesis method of the aluminum nitride powder that we introduce for everybody, hope can bring certain help to you

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