Crystal ferrocene has a wide range of applications and excellent practical results

Crystal ferrocene is a kind of burning rate catalysts, appearance is orange spicules, ferrocene in the powder and the latest crystalline morphology, crystalline in nature and the powder is the same, but in actual use crystal ferrocene can solve the problem of powder of ferrocene fly powder, reduce the unnecessary loss, and crystalline ferrocene dissolved more thoroughly, the effect is better. Ferrocene is also known as ferrodicyclopentadiene. The boiling point is above 200 degrees Celsius, the melting point is around 172 degrees Celsius, if the crystal ferrocene is heated above 100 degrees Celsius, sublimation begins. Crystalline ferrocene is insoluble in water and soluble in some organic solvents. Ferrocene crystals are relatively stable in the air and are easier to store and transport. At present ferrocene has applications, such as industry, aerospace, medical treatment, agriculture and so on, what is the specific role of crystal ferrocene? Crystal ferrocene role: in gasoline, diesel oil, heavy oil, coal, such as adding crystal ferrocene, dissolve quickly, can save oil amount, also can have the effect of smoke elimination, according to the proportion of one over one thousand to join in the automotive diesel, oil can save about ten percent to fourteen percent, the smoke exhaust can fell by thirty percent to eighty percent, add three over one thousand of ferrocene in heavy oil, coal to add two over one thousand of ferrocene can decrease fuel consumption and smoke will decline by thirty percent; It is used as top-grade smokeless gasoline to eliminate the environmental pollution and human body poison caused by the exhaust of fuel oil. Can be used for fireworks additives, have the effect of combustion; As an additive of alcohol-based fuel, ferrocene can also be used as a burning rate catalyst for rocket propellant. As a polymerization catalyst, silicone, rubber ripening agent, etc., can prevent the photodegradation of polyethylene, improve the thermal stability of plastics, rubber, and fiber.

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