The technology of industrialized production of nanometer copper powder has developed by Chinese manufacturer

The bulk application of nanometer copper powder in the market is based on the cost. At present, the high cost cannot realize the mass application, and the reason for the high cost is that the industrial production of ordinary equipment cannot be realized. Therefore, the first problem we solved is to use ordinary conventional equipment to realize the industrial production of nanometer copper powder. If the cost problem is not solved, even the preparation of high purity, ultra-fineness, narrow distribution of copper powder, there is no market significance.

Therefore, the research and development of nanometer copper powder from our partner manufacturer is divided into two stages. First, to solve the problem of industrialization under ordinary conditions; The other is to solve the purity, particle size, particle size distribution, surface shape and other problems. Until the first problem is solved, there is no point in further research and development.

We break the technological thinking of conventional products and adopt the unique physicochemical properties of nanoparticles to develop a unique preparation technology that can be produced by ordinary equipment. The energy consumption is very low, the production efficiency is very high, the production rate reaches 98% above. The purity of the product is high, reaching over 99.9%, and no other impurities are characterized by XRD. Good dispersion, no unity, in water or ethanol and other solvents under ultrasonic conditions quickly uniform dispersion. TEM characterized the shape of the product as spherical. Strong antioxidant capacity. The technology is the first of its kind and has been applied for national invention patents and international invention patents. The bottleneck problem in the industrialization of nanometer copper powder has been solved thoroughly, which opens the door for the large-scale application of nanometer copper powder.

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