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Safety technical specification for ammonium metavanadate

Part one: chemical name Chinese name of chemical: ammonium metavanadate Chemical name: ammonium vanadate English name: chemicals ammonium metavanadate English name: ammonium vanadate Part 2: composition/composition information Harmful composition: ammonium metavanadate Content: ≥ 99% CAS No. 55-7803-6 Part iii: risk overview Risk category: Invasion route: Health hazards: dust can irritate the eyes, skin and respiratory tract. Death can be caused by inhalation and oral administration. Inhalation causes coughing, chest pain, pain, metallic taste in the mouth and mental symptoms. Have damage to liver, kidney. Skin contact can cause hives. Environmental hazards: harmful [...]

The first nanometer niobium oxide production line in China was put into operation in phase I with an annual output of 100 tons

Source: powder circle ( – the circle of business and life of people in the powder industry! On April 26, shandong haiyan rare metal materials co., ltd. completed the first phase of the production line of rare metal special nano niobium oxide new material in China. After the production capacity reaches the standard, it can produce 100 tons of niobium nano-oxide material annually. Source: powder circle ( – the circle of business and life of people in the powder industry! There [...]

Application of niobium silicide in material

Niobium (Nb) is a kind of refractory metal with high melting point (2468℃), moderate density, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, and high temperature strength, with good mechanical properties at high temperature. The excellent properties of niobium and niobium alloy make it one of the important candidate materials for high-temperature structural parts in aviation, aerospace and nuclear industry, which can be used to manufacture rocket engines, nuclear reactors and other key components. However, its poor oxidation performance, pure niobium at 600℃ [...]