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The process control of the crystallization of ammonium dimolybdate and the process conditions for the formation of single crystal

Ammonium molybdate is a typical homopolybdate with many types, mainly including ammonium dimolybdate, ammonium tetramolybdate, ammonium heptamolybdate, ammonium ocmolybdate, ammonium dodecolybdate and ammonium tetramolybdate. Ammonium molybdate used in the industry is mostly the mixture of the above ammonium molybdate in different proportions, which is easy to be hygroscopic and agglomerated, and not easy to disperse. Ammonium molybdate is the main raw material for preparation of molybdenum-based products, especially molybdenum powder. Its phase purity and chemical and physical properties have [...]

Titanium suboxide Conductive ceramic electrode material (Ti4O7)

The titanium suboxide ceramic electrode material is produced by reducing high-purity titanium dioxide powder by hydrogen H2 at a high temperature of 1200 degrees. The main crystal phase is Ti4O7. The appearance of the product is blue-black flow dynamic powder. High conductivity of metal-like materials. Excellent chemical stability against acids and alkalis. Unique electrochemical performance. With high mechanical strength, it can be easily formed into electrode shapes such as plates, tubes, and rods. The outstanding physical property of titanium suboxide is that it has good electrical [...]