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Application and prospect of molybdenum carbide in electrocatalytic hydrogen production

With the depletion of petroleum, coal and other traditional fossil energy and the worsening of environmental problems, the traditional energy structure system based on fossil energy is facing unprecedented crisis and challenge. Hydrogen, with its high energy density, excellent combustion performance, clean and pollution-free, is the best alternative to green energy from traditional fossil energy. However, the utilization of hydrogen energy depends on the development of hydrogen production technology to a large extent. At present, industrial hydrogen production technology [...]

The invention relates to a preparation method of nano-scale neodymium oxide lubricating oil additive

Lubricating oil is a common lubricating material, which can reduce equipment wear and tear, prolong equipment service life and reduce maintenance cost. Lubricating oil is composed of different types of base oils and various additives with different properties, among which additives can make up for the deficiency in the performance of base oils, which is an important factor to improve the properties and quality of oil products. With the increasingly harsh working conditions of equipment and the strict requirements [...]

Less than 10,000 tons a year worldwide,High performance aluminum nitride powder is difficult to produce,why?

Aluminum nitride (AlN) ceramics have good thermal, electrical, mechanical and chemical stability, and are now more ideal substrate materials and electronic packaging materials. The excellent performance of AlN ceramics is directly related to the performance of raw material powder, and the high performance AlN powder is the key to prepare high thermal conductivity AlN ceramics. In foreign countries, the manufacturing process of AlN powder has been quite mature and the commercialization degree is also very high. Previously, according to the [...]

What is the preparation method of Ammonium paratungstate

The molecular formula of APT crystallization is 5(NH4)2O·12WO3·nH2O(n=5, 7, 11), and its solubility in water is very small, which increases slightly with the rise of temperature. Ammonium secondary tungstate crystallization is the main intermediate product for the preparation of blue tungsten oxide, ammonium tungsten bronze and tungsten powder, and its morphological structure greatly affects the morphology and properties of tungsten products. The particle size and loose packing density of tungsten products are dependent on the raw material ammonium secondary [...]