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Preparation of Europium oxide by plant precipitator

Europium oxide (Eu2O3) is used in the manufacture of fluorescent materials, laser materials, X-ray sensitized screen activators, and stimulated emission phosphors for new X-ray medical diagnostic systems. It can also be used to make colored lenses and optical filters, for magnetic bubble storage devices, control materials for atomic reactors, shielding materials and structural materials. Europium absorbs more neutrons than other elements, is used as neutron absorbing material in atomic reactors, and is used as raw material for the synthesis [...]

Nanoscience: Materials with good prospects

Researchers at the University of Konstanz have developed a method to synthesize europium oxide (II) nanoparticles, a ferromagnetic semiconductor associated with data storage and transmission Ferromagnetic semiconductors are promising functional materials for spintronics (spintronics). Spintronics is essential for the storage and transmission of information. The researchers also demonstrated that the magnetic properties of nanoparticles are given by their structure. The results of the joint research project have been published in the scientific journal Advanced Materials on 20 November 2017. The properties [...]

Production methods of holmium oxide and erbium oxide

Although the current use of holmium and erbium is still limited, some are equal to people’s further development, but it is certain that, with the development of science and technology, the application of holmium and erbium will be more and more widely, more and more people’s attention. At present, an important reason restricting the application of holmium and erbium is that it is very difficult to separate and purify the holmium and erbium, and the purification process is complex [...]