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Applications of Titanium Silicide Carbide Ti3SiC2 layered ceramic materials

(1) biomedical applications In dentistry, materials or components used in the oral environment are required to withstand oxidation for a long time. Maintain stability, but also need to have good machinability and plasticity. Ti3SiC2 is an existing ceramic material It has metal properties and good biocompatibility, which makes it possible to be used in human body. Ti3SiC2 can be machined to precisely sized threads and can be made into implants without lubricant Or prosthesis and so on in oral medicine clinical application. Elastic [...]

A preparation method and process of nano-sized dysprosium oxide

Rare earth oxides are widely used in magnetic materials, catalytic materials, hydrogen storage materials, optical glass, optical fiber and ceramic capacitors. Dysprosium oxide has excellent physical and chemical properties and is used as raw material for dysprosium metal, glass, additive for NdFeB permanent magnets, metal halogen lamps, magneto-optical memory materials, yttrium iron or yttrium aluminum garnet, and as control rods for nuclear power reactors in the atomic energy industry. With the development of science and technology, large specific surface [...]

Rare earth doped lutetium fluoride lithium on conversion nanomaterials

Its characteristic lies in: with oil Acid, oleylamine and octadecene as solvents were combined with lithium trifluoroacetate, lutetium trifluoroacetate and rare earth trifluoroacetate in an inert gas Under the protection, the temperature is heated to 100-130℃ and held for a period of time to dissolve the solid reactants; And then it’s added under inert gas protection After the thermal solution was heated to 280-330℃ for a period of time, the shell precursor was injected. After the thermal insulation and curing, [...]