Nanometer magnesium hydroxide for nanoscale materials

Nano magnesium hydroxide can also be used to save fertilizer? Recently in zhengzhou held a “nanometer magnesium hydroxide fertilizer application technology” scientific and technological achievements appraisal meeting, nanometer magnesium hydroxide fertilizer synergist recognized by experts, experts agree that the technology has obvious economic benefits and social benefits.
By zhao yufen academician, director of the national committee of xiamen university, south China agricultural university professor liao and henan academy of agricultural science and technology ke-gang sun researcher, deputy director of the national committee, a researcher at the Chinese academy of agricultural science and technology bing-qiang zhao, zhengzhou university professor ren bao increases, chongqing southwest university professor zheng-yin wang, fubon technology co., LTD. Hubei Wang Renzong completely as a member of expert committee heard the report of the project group, reviewed to provide identification of materials, after inquiries and discussions about the scientific and technological achievements appraisal Suggestions are given.
The appraisal opinion holds that. This project first proposed to use nanometer magnesium hydroxide product as agricultural fertilizer synergist, the production process and quality is stable. Multi-site and multi-site field experiments have shown that the addition of 3 to 4 percent nano-magnesium hydroxide in chemical fertilizers can make the crop yield of rice and wheat remain the same or slightly increase while losing 20 to 30 percent weight.
Adding 3 to 4 percent of nano-sized magnesium hydroxide in fertilizer can significantly increase the chlorophyll content, yield and quality of vegetables when used in cabbage, tomato and other vegetables. Especially in the experiment of cabbage planting, the nitrate content can be reduced by about 20%. Adding the synergist of nano-sized magnesium hydroxide fertilizer can promote the absorption of nutrient elements and improve the utilization rate of fertilizer.
At present, nanomaterials as fertilizer synergist have received great attention from experts at home and abroad, and will be one of the development directions of fertilizer in the future, and will play a great role in promoting the realization of the goal of zero growth of fertilizer usage.
The application of nano-sized magnesium hydroxide in agriculture can save fertilizer and increase efficiency. On the one hand, the mechanism of nano-sized magnesium hydroxide is that the surface energy of nano-sized magnesium hydroxide is high, which can absorb more nutrients. On the other hand, nano-sized magnesium hydroxide has a “targeting” effect, which can promote the synthesis of ATP and promote the growth and development of plants.

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