The magical use of nano silicon carbide

Cubic silicon carbide, also known as β-SiC, belongs to the cubic crystal system (diamond crystal type), relative to the common silicon carbide powder α-SiC (black silicon carbide and green silicon carbide) has a unique advantage.
Research shows that beta SiC powder with wear-resistant, high temperature resistant, heat resistant, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, good conductive properties such as good performance, can be widely used in the high-grade refractory materials, special ceramics materials, grinding materials and advanced and reinforced material, and other fields, and nanometer silicon carbide was also the representative of the third generation of wide bandgap semiconductor materials.
1. Modified high strength nylon material: YQ-S01 nano silicon carbide powder has good compatibility and dispersion in polymer composite material, and good combination with matrix. The tensile strength of modified high strength nylon alloy is more than 150% higher than that of ordinary PA6, and the wear resistance is improved by more than 3 times. It is mainly used for the densification of polymer parts of armored tracked vehicles, automobile steering parts, lining boards of textile machinery, mining machinery and train parts by sintering at a lower temperature.
2, modified special engineering plastic polyether ether ketone (PEEK) wear resistance: YQ-S01 nano silicon carbide, when the amount is about 5%, can greatly improve and improve PEEK wear resistance (improve the original more than 30%);
3, in the application of rubber tires: add about 2% YQ-S01 nano silicon carbide in the original formula without changing the modification treatment, do not reduce the original performance and quality of the premise, its wear resistance can be improved by 20%-40%. In addition, YQ-S01 nano silicon carbide is also used in rubber cots, printer fixed film wear-resistant, heat dissipation, temperature resistance and other rubber products;
4, metal surface nano silicon carbide composite coating: using nanoscale particles (YQ – S01 nano silicon carbide, nanometer alumina and nanometer zirconium carbide, etc.) hybrid particles, nickel as the matrix metal, formed in the metal surface of high density, bonding strength very good composite electrodeposition, the metal surface with a hard (wear) and antifriction (self-lubricating) high temperature resistant characteristics. The microhardness of the composite coating is greatly improved, the wear resistance is increased by 2-3 times, the service life is increased by 3-5 times, and the binding force between the coating and the substrate is increased by 40%
5. Other applications: high-performance structural ceramics (such as rocket nozzles, nuclear industry, etc.), wave absorbing materials, anti-wear lubricating grease, high-performance brake pads, high hardness wear-resistant powder coatings, composite ceramics reinforced and toughened, etc. Structural coatings, functional coatings, protective coatings, absorbing materials, stealth materials, etc.; Protective armour for tanks and armoured vehicles; Can be used as ceramic tools, cutting tools, measuring tools, mold; Structural ceramics, functional ceramics, engineering ceramics for special purposes; Ignition; Heating elements for electrical industry, far infrared generator, etc.

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