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The role of nano-sized magnesium oxide in lithium batteries

Lithium-ion battery can be charged twice in the process of use, which belongs to a kind of secondary rechargeable battery. The main working principle is the repeated movement of lithium ions between positive and negative electrodes. No matter what the shape of the battery is, the main components are electrolyte, positive electrode piece, negative electrode piece and diaphragm. At present, the international production of lithium-ion batteries is mainly concentrated in China, Japan and South Korea, and the main lithium [...]

Preparation method of nano-sized silicon carbide

2.1 Morphology memory synthesis method The main meaning is that the macrostructure of the initial solid reactants can be maintained to a certain extent before and after the synthesis reaction. In 1988, French Ledoux and his colleagues first proposed and used this method to prepare silicon carbide with high specific surface area and SiC materials with different structures. Later, people use this method to prepare silicon carbide nanowires, nanotubes, nano spheres and high specific surface silicon carbide. 2.2 Sol-gel and carbothermal [...]

Preparation of zirconium carbide nanomaterials from waste plastics

Zirconium carbide, as an ultra-high temperature ceramic material, has excellent physical and chemical properties, such as high hardness, high melting point, high wear resistance, low vapor pressure, low resistivity, good chemical stability and thermal stability. At present, The method of preparation of zirconium carbide is mainly with zirconium dioxide reaction with carbon reduction synthesis (J.M ater. Sci., 2004,39,6057-6066.), sol-gel (j. ur. Ceram. Soc., 2007,27,2061-2067.) and chemical vapor deposition (Appl. Surf. Sci., 2015332591-598, Surf. Coat. Technol., 2008203,87-90.) method. Industrial preparation [...]