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The role of lanthanum titanate

Photocatalytic purification technology has a unique application effect in the treatment of air and water pollution and has been used in many environmental pollution treatment processes. In the past research process, the main work is centered on the preparation and application of new high activity photocatalytic materials. After half a century of development and improvement, the current research focus is on the further industrial application of the technology. In this process, the choice of materials and the adaptability to [...]

High temperature and pressure preparation of chromium nitride

Nitrogen compounds have a wide range of applications in modern society due to their unusual and even unique properties. For example, C-BN, Si3N4 has high hardness as a cutting material, GaN is the most widely used semiconductor materials, corrosion resistant transitional metal nitride TiN, hydrogen storage material Li3N, with superconducting properties of MoN and so on… CrN is a kind of dilute magnetic semiconductor material with oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, high hardness (HV1750), high temperature resistance (700℃) and good [...]