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Why is silicon nitride ceramic substrate a world-class strategic product?

It is well known that the heat generated by the semiconductor devices work is the key factor that causes for the failure of semiconductor devices, and the thermal conductivity of the insulating substrate is the key to affect the whole semiconductor cooling device, in addition, due to the often face the complex mechanics environment such as turbulence, vibration, substrate material also need certain mechanical reliability, silicon nitride ceramic various aspects performance is balanced, It is a structural ceramic material [...]

Understanding, preparation and application of nanometer tungsten oxide

Tungsten trioxide, whose molecular formula is WO3 and molecular weight is 231.85. It is a kind of tungstic anhydride, tungstic acid products, tungsten oxide including tungsten trioxide and tungsten dioxide, there is no actual industrial production of tungsten dioxide products. According to the content of tungsten trioxide is divided into tungstate acid, sodium tungstate, calcium tungstate, ammonium paratungstate, ammonium metatungstate and other products. In the W-O system, there are WO3, WO 2.9, WO 2.72, WO2 and other tungsten oxides. WO3(yellow) — [...]

Application of lanthanum aluminate

Lanthanum aluminate belongs to ABO3 perovskite structure compounds, with a small dielectric constant, low dielectric loss, good lattice mismatch, thermal expansion coefficient, good chemical stability, wide energy gap, specific surface area is big, has a certain activity, good thermal stability, has been widely applied in the catalytic materials, substrate material, high temperature superconducting thin film substrate, synthesis of microwave dielectric ceramic materials, high temperature fuel cells, Microwave dielectric resonator, etc. At present, there are many methods used to prepare [...]