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Preparation and synthesis of cesium carbonate

Cesium carbonate is an inorganic compound. White solid at room temperature and pressure. It is soluble in water and absorbs moisture quickly when exposed to air. Cesium carbonate aqueous solution is strongly alkaline and can react with acid to form the corresponding cesium salt and water, and release carbon dioxide. Cesium carbonate should be sealed, dried and kept separate from acid during storage. Preparation and synthesis: 1. Prepare sulfuric acid solution of cesium salt, add aluminum sulfate to it, and precipitate [...]

The main application of lithium iodide trihydrate

Lithium iodide is a colorless or white cubic crystal system. Easy deliquescence. It is known to have hydrates, halohydrates LiI·1/2H2O, monohydrates LiI·H2O, dihydrates LiI·2H2O, and trihydrates LiI·3H2O. These hydrates are usually stable (the liquid phase composition is the same as the composition of the compound when dissolved, and no decomposition occurs). Commercially available products are usually trihydrate. Lithium iodide (sanshui) : hexagonal crystal system, yellow crystal. The molecular mass is 187.89. Relative density 3.48. Melting point is 73 ℃. [...]