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Application and market demand of cobalt oxide

1. Refined petroleum catalyst Cobalt products have a long history as catalysts for petroleum refining and play an important role in promoting the development of petroleum refining. If there are some metal cobalt, aluminum, iron alloy catalyst; Cobalt oxide is also important as a catalyst for petroleum, which is indispensable for accelerating petroleum refining. Therefore, the use of cobalt oxide catalysts has become an important position in recent years. 2. Battery industry Cobalt powder has been widely used in rechargeable batteries since [...]

Properties and application of nano tin oxide

SnO2 powder is an important multifunctional material with remarkable gas sensitivity, chemical stability and excellent luminescence properties. As a basic functional material, it has a wide range of applications in gas sensitivity, humidity sensitivity and optical technology. At present, it is one of the most basic raw materials used in gas sensitive components. Nano stannic oxide has high sensitivity, selectivity and stability to H2, C2H2 and other gases. Due to the quantum size effect and surface effect, the optical properties [...]