Application and market demand of cobalt oxide

1. Refined petroleum catalyst
Cobalt products have a long history as catalysts for petroleum refining and play an important role in promoting the development of petroleum refining. If there are some metal cobalt, aluminum, iron alloy catalyst; Cobalt oxide is also important as a catalyst for petroleum, which is indispensable for accelerating petroleum refining. Therefore, the use of cobalt oxide catalysts has become an important position in recent years.

2. Battery industry
Cobalt powder has been widely used in rechargeable batteries since the 1980s as an activator for charging and discharging high-energy batteries. In the early 1990s, scientists from Japan and Germany successfully added cobalt oxide to battery raw materials, making it a high-value, high-tech product developed by the battery industry.

With the rapid development of mobile communication and the rapid popularity of notebook computers, the demand for small discrete mobile power supply is further increasing, creating better opportunities for the development of lithium ion battery industry. Accordingly, the demand for lithium ion battery cathode materials is also greatly increased.

Paint additives
When cobalt oxide is added in the manufacture of various coatings, the performance of the coatings produced is improved, especially as a desiccant, that is, it is easy to dry quickly in the use of coatings, thus improving the coating rate. This is of great benefit to the rapid application of coatings.

4. Enamel and ceramic pigments
After adding cobalt oxide into enamel material, it can resist corrosion and improve wear resistance. In all sorts of building material that use and pottery and porcelain goods, the blue pigment that makes with oxide cobalt or glaze besmear is on pottery and porcelain goods, the brightness that shows pottery and porcelain goods after classics bakes, have artistic quality more.

5. Other raw materials
For example, cobalt oxide is reduced by hydrogen at a certain temperature to produce cobalt metal powder, which is used to manufacture cemented carbide. Cobalt oxide was dissolved in acid to make an aqueous solution for electrolysis, and cobalt ingot was obtained as an additive for high temperature and high strength alloy steel. Cobalt oxide into acidic cobalt solution, through different chemical processes can produce cobalt salts such as CoS04, CoCo3, CoC2, CoC204.

Therefore, pure cobalt oxide is widely used as an intermediate material. In addition, the application of cobalt oxide in the electrical industry, such as phosphorus additives and other chemical industries, is also developing rapidly. In general, the application field of cobalt oxide will continue to expand.

Market reaction of cobalt oxide:
Increase the market demand for cobalt oxide
It is understood that at present, domestic cobalt ore raw materials are mainly imported from Africa, gang (Guo) gold is the main origin of cobalt ore. In recent years, Chinese cobalt products have been widely used in new energy, especially in new energy battery manufacturers.

For example, a new energy battery plant can consume 300-400 tons of cobalt oxide per month. With the country’s strong support to the new energy industry, the market demand for cobalt oxide is further increasing.

Cobalt oxide prices are skyrocketing. On the one hand, the rapid development of new energy industry has driven the market demand for cobalt oxide surge; On the other hand, it is not excluded that manufacturers are pushing up cobalt oxide prices in speculation.

Now, as more and more manufacturers run out of stocks, buying raw materials is a fact of life. But at present most manufacturers dare not rashly replenish stock, but “buy with how much”.

With cobalt oxide prices at their highest in recent years, the company can buy up to half a month at a time, reducing its cost risk.
“It’s too risky to take one step at a time.” The person in charge of the pigment company said frankly. In the eyes of more industry insiders, the current industry is still in a large-scale start-up stage, cobalt oxide next price trend is difficult to judge, can only wait and see.

Cobalt oxide quotation related content of the introduction, I hope you have an understanding after reading, compared with the current price, cobalt oxide price is really on the high side, for the market, we basically hold a wait-and-see state.

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