Monthly Archives - 二月 2022

Research on vanadium nitride capacitor materials has made progress

Zhu Xuebin, professor of Functional Materials Physics and Devices, Institute of Solid State Physics, Hefei Institute of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, has recently made progress in the research of vanadium nitride (VN) supercapacitor materials. The researchers prepared porous VN films on silicon substrates by solution method, which showed excellent supercapacitor performance. Relevant research results show that Solution-processable hierarchical-porous vanadium nitride films on Silicon substrates for highly efficient Symmetric supercapacitors, published in The Journal of Power Sources. VN is [...]

Application of nanometer molybdenum trioxide

Compared with “massive” or several micron molybdenum trioxide, the catalytic activity of nanometer molybdenum trioxide is significantly improved, and its catalytic effect is several times or even ten times higher for some chemical reactions. The corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance of nano-mo trioxide are also higher than that of traditional mo trioxide. Other properties, such as optical and electrical properties, are still under investigation. In addition, nanometer molybdenum trioxide is the precursor of some materials. Such as molybdenum powder, [...]