Manufacturing method of nano cobalt oxide

For the gradual maturity and stability of nanotechnology required nano-level items are also more and more, but for nano-level cobalt oxide should be how to make it, with the xiaobian take a look!

(1) Preparation of cobalt salt solution: use nitric acid or sulfuric acid to dissolve cobalt metal to generate cobalt nitrate or cobalt sulfate aqueous solution after measuring the cobalt content in the solution of 50~ 300 g/l and free acid control in 20 g/l or less can be cobalt oxide products may not be pure.

(2) Preparation of bicarbonate solution: It is necessary to prepare bicarbonate into 5-40% aqueous solution for standby.

(3) Preparation of cobalt carbonate: The prepared cobalt nitrate or cobalt sulfate aqueous solution is added to the reaction kettle with agitator and thermometer, and under agitation, the bicarbonate solution is added to the reaction at the temperature of 40~100 to produce cobalt carbonate slurry.

(4) Cobalt carbonate slurry filtration and washing: it is necessary to filter cobalt carbonate slurry and wash it with boiling water.

(5) Roasting of cobalt carbonate: put the washed cobalt carbonate into a roasting furnace and burn it at 300~550℃ for 5~25 hours to obtain nano-sized cobalt oxide powder.

The preparation method of nanoscale cobalt oxide is shown above, but attention should be paid to the volume of solution used and the proportion of substances contained in it because of the high numerical accuracy required for nanoscale products.

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