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Nano magnesium carbonate market prospect

As we know, nano magnesium carbonate is a chemical raw material with a wide range of applications. The market has a large space for development, with varying degrees of growth every year. Therefore, high-grade and refined magnesium carbonate products need to be developed in order to be used in more high-grade industries. Nano magnesium carbonate is not only used in medical and food fields, but also used in rubber, glass, ceramics and other industries. As the demand continues to rise, [...]

A modification method of nano-samarium oxide MC nylon

MC nylon is a new type of engineering plastic, which is made of caprolactam as the main raw material by anion polymerization under atmospheric pressure. MC nylon is gradually replacing copper, aluminum, steel and other metal materials and is widely used in textile, rubber, petrochemical, steel rolling, mining machinery, automobile, elevator, crane and other industries. But compared with metal, MC nylon has some disadvantages such as lower strength, modulus and thermal deformation temperature, larger water absorption rate and poor [...]

Main uses of hafnium carbide powder

Hafnium carbide (HfC) is a gray black powder, belonging to the face-centered cubic structure, with a very high melting point (3890℃), is known in the single compound with the highest melting point, is a good material for high melting point metal crucible lining. Hafnium carbide has high elastic coefficient, good electrical and thermal conductivity, very small thermal expansion coefficient and good impact resistance, very suitable for rocket nozzle material field, is also an important metal ceramic material. Hafnium carbide is a [...]