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Thermoelectric Bismuth telluride: Where did it come from? Where to?

Thermoelectric materials can convert two of the most widely used forms of energy, heat and electricity, into each other: By converting electric energy into heat energy, solid refrigeration and temperature control can be realized. Thermoelectric materials have been used in small refrigerators, wine cabinets, high power laser temperature control equipment, and is also expected to be used in the future communication technology temperature control. The heat energy is converted into electric energy, and the temperature difference generation can be realized. With [...]

Effect of potassium titanate on friction properties of NAO

NAO friction material has still become the most popular disc brake pad material. With the increasing maturity of friction material industry, the raw material market has also changed with each passing day. The application of potassium titanate also provides a new path for the development of friction materials. In this study, a single factor comparative experiment was adopted. By adjusting the ratio between potassium titanate and barite powder, the increasing gradient of potassium titanate was 2% (mass fraction, and [...]

Reliable nickel cobalt manganese ternary lithium battery

With the widespread popularity of electric vehicles, a lot of friends have been asking questions about power batteries. Shock, as an adventurer, can ignore anything else, but he attaches most importance to the reliability of his adventure equipment. I’m here today with a good friend of mine to talk to you about power batteries. Hi, I am the star member of the power battery family, Manganese, or NCM. The history of our power battery family dates back to 1837. At [...]

Nano-europium oxide catalyzed lignin oxidation

Lignin is the only large-scale renewable source of aromatic compounds, and has the advantages of being inedible, widely available and cheap. A wide range of aromatic aldehydes, acids and esters can be obtained by directional catalytic oxygenation of polylignin. Catalysts are the key to directional catalytic depolymerization of poly (lignin). Rare earth oxides show unique properties in catalytic oxidation reaction, but the performance of nano rare earth oxides in polyphase catalytic depolymerization of lignin is rarely reported. In this [...]