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Preparation and application of zinc telluride

Zinc telluride is a gray or brownish-red powder that is a compound of zinc and telluride, with the chemical formula ZnTe. Ruby cubic crystals can be obtained by sublimation. Stable in dry air, it breaks down when exposed to water, releasing foul-smelling and toxic hydrogen telluride gas. Zinc telluride is mainly used in semiconductors and infrared materials, can be used as fluorescence materials and phosphorescent materials, but also can make light emitting diodes, infrared detection, radiation detection materials. Zinc [...]

Application and synthesis of niobium pentachloride

Application of 1 A Niobium pentaoxide/RGO nanocomposite anode material with stable structure, good electrical conductivity, excellent rate performance, simple preparation process, low energy consumption, low cost, and suitable for industrial production is prepared as follows: The preparation method of niobium pentaoxide/rgo composite anode material includes the following steps :(1) the go nanosheet is mixed with water, stirred, and dispersed by ultrasound to obtain the dispersed solution of go nanosheet; (2) niobium chloride (V) dissolved in water, stirring, niobium pentachloride suspension, to [...]

A method for preparing molybdenum boride powder

Boride molybdenum compounds with high melting point, high hardness, wear resistance, high temperature resistant, corrosion candle and low coefficient of friction etc., plays a very important role in modern industry, are widely used in metal materials, coating materials, high temperature structural materials, the cathode material, corrosion resistant, wear resistant materials and other fields, and with the progress of science and technology, The application field of molybdenum-boride compounds will be further expanded, and this material will show more excellent application [...]

Solid state battery base zirconium: lithium lanthanum zirconate

Solid-state batteries seem to be getting closer, and the news is endless. Including QuantumScape, in which Volkswagen has held a 5% stake since 2014. On Dec. 8, publicly traded QuantumScape, a startup backed by Volkswagen and Bill Gates, unveiled the performance of its latest solid-state battery after a decade of research. The solid-state battery could also be the first commercially viable solid-state battery, it is claimed. QuantumScape shares jumped on the news. The solid-state battery, which could increase the range of [...]