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Recovery of potassium fluosilicate in the production of potassium fluotitanate

This technology provides a kind of fluorine in the production of potassium titanate recycling process of potassium fluosilicate, fluorine is obtained by hydrofluoric acid will react with titanium ore leaching of iron titanate slurry, solid-liquid separation are clarified the fluorine titanium acid leaching liquid iron, then add the potassium liquid cooling crystallization, solid-liquid separation of potassium fluosilicate solid and refined fluorine titanium acid leaching of iron liquid; Will be refined fluorine iron leaching liquid and potassium titanate liquid reaction [...]

Methods for the production of molybdenum carbide

1. Programmed temperature reduction method Temperature programmed method is put forward in the eighty s is still the most widely used in a laboratory for the means of the MoC, the reaction experiment, molybdenum oxide is used as the source of molybdenum, hydrocarbon gas and hydrogen were used as the basis of carbon dioxide gas and reduction of materials, and temperature rising slowly to ensure in balance in the process of catalytic reaction speed, the composition and content of the [...]

A method for preparing rhenium trichloride

Rhenium itself has no independent deposit, and is often dispersed in other non-ferrous ore bodies. It is mainly associated with molybdenite and mostly occurs in trace minerals such as molybdenum, copper, lead, zinc, platinum and niobium. Therefore, we should make full use of regional resources, give full play to regional advantages, and vigorously build the high-tech industry of scattered metals. A former Soviet union carbide plant, oxidizing roasting – sedimentation method to extract the rhenium: flue gas containing a Re2O7 [...]

Titanium carbon nitride, a new material of the century

In the manufacture of all kinds of mechanical parts, all need to be processed with cutting tools. The cutting performance of tool material is one of the key factors to determine the machining efficiency, machining quality and machining cost. WC-Co – based carbide tool is the most used tool material at present. However, tungsten and cobalt are rare resources, resulting in high cost of WC-Co based cemented carbide materials. Carbon titanium nitride material with high melting point, high strength, wear [...]

Sodium potassium niobate – bismuth sodium titanate solid solution structure

In recent years, great progress has been made in the lead-free conversion of electronic materials. Sodium potassium niobate (KNN) and bismuth sodium titanate (BNT) are the two most competitive components that are expected to partially replace the currently used lead zirconate titanate (PZT) component. KNN undergoes cubic, tetragonal, orthogonal and tripartite phase transitions from high temperature to low temperature; The phase transition behavior of BNT is relatively complex. From high temperature to low temperature, BNT experiences cubic, tetragonal and [...]