Nano-ferric oxide and nano-ferric oxide

Nano iron oxide is produced by nano synthesis technology and high purity raw materials, with high purity, low impurity content, small particle size, uniform particle size, high temperature resistance, good dispersion and so on
Nano ferric oxide is a new kind of nano material, which can be widely used in coating, paint, ink and chemical materials. Because of its small particle size, it has the characteristics of ultraviolet absorption, high chroma, high coloring power, high transparency, etc., and it is very widely used.
Product features:
1, excellent UV absorption ability. High transparency, no color transfer.
2, acid resistance, alkali resistance, light resistance, weather resistance.
3, heat resistance, water resistance, solvent resistance.
4, anticorrosion: with strong anticorrosion, can greatly enhance the anti-rust effect of paint.
5, wear resistance: asbestos, plastic products such as: brake pads, brake plates and so on can improve wear resistance.
Product use:
1, used for all kinds of plastic, rubber, ceramic, asbestos products coloring;
2, suitable for anticorrosive paint, paint, suitable for cement products, color tile coloring;
3, in the fiber color printing, anti-counterfeiting coating, electrostatic copying, ink applications are very wide.
4, the application of magnetic recording materials: nano ferrooxide magnetic materials added to the coating, electromagnetic wave and sound wave has good absorption and attenuation, has a strong absorption effect on the middle infrared band and other characteristics.
5. Applications in the field of medicine and biology.
6. Applications in catalysis and sensors.
The main characteristics of γ-Fe2O3:
It has excellent magnetism, dispersibility and stability, and has good contrast enhancement effect of magnetic resonance imaging. It can be used for nano probe construction, magnetic resonance imaging and molecular imaging, magnetic hyperthermia, drug carrier and integrated research of targeted diagnosis and treatment. In the medical field, superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles are often used to prepare the contrast agent for MRI. When this contrast agent enters the living body, it can be effectively absorbed by the living tissue. By comparing the difference in response signals of different tissue parts, the lesion location in the living body can be accurately located. In terms of targeted drug carriers, magnetic targeting nano drug carriers can direct to the lesion after loading drug components through the action of external magnetic field, reducing the side effects of drugs on other organs and tissues
It can also increase the efficacy and the therapeutic effect.

Nano ferric oxide (Fe3O4) powder, has a certain degree of magnetism, and can be directional movement under the external magnetic field, particle size within a certain range of magnetic, and under the action of external alternating electromagnetic field can generate heat and other characteristics, its chemical stability, so it is widely used. The process formula and process route of nano tetroxide produced by our company are simple in preparation process, low in energy consumption, and maintain the size of magnetic particles in the order of nanometer, and magnetic tests show that magnetic particles have magnetic properties.

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