A test method for nickel chloride content hexahydrate

1. A test method for the content of nickel chloride hexahydrate is characterized in that the test method includes the following steps: a: take 1 volume of the liquid to be tested with a pipette to 5 volume volume bottles, add 1 volume of concentrated nitric acid, and then add 2 volume of ethylene glycol, and then use pure water to fill 5 volume parts to obtain liquid A; b: Take 1 liquid to be tested into a 5-volume bottle with a pipette, add 1 concentrated nitric acid, then add 2 volume parts of ethylene glycol, then add 0.1 volume part of 〇.lmol/L silver nitrate solution, and then add it to 5 volume parts with pure water to obtain liquid B; c: Place liquid A and liquid B in dark light, use liquid A as blank, and determine the absorbance of liquid B as C by spectrophotometry; d: Calculate by the formula: the concentration of Cl in the liquid to be measured =CX133mg/L, and the concentration of Cl can be calculated; e: Calculated by the formula =NiCl2? The concentration of 6H20 is = 237.69 *C1 concentration /71, and NiCl2 in the liquid to be tested can be calculated. The concentration of 6H20.
2. Compared with the existing technology, it has the following advantages:
The use of instrument analysis instead of conventional titration analysis, different from the ordinary liquid titration analysis, through a new method to evaluate the content of nickel chloride hexahydrate test, can improve the accuracy, reduce the adverse consequences of artificial color error on the production test, so that the results close to the real value to meet the guiding significance of production; It greatly reduces the cost and provides important support for the maintenance of the production tank.
The instrument analysis can be used for unified operation of multiple samples at the same time, the blank standard does not need to be repeated preparation, can quickly test multiple samples, improve the detection efficiency, and effectively reduce the test cost to a certain extent.

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