China’s first production line of sodium vanadium phosphate was built in Hubei

A production line is in full swing; A production line is running at full capacity… December 26, the 12th lunar month season, located in Guangshui City, Hubei Province, the Enaiji technology company’s factory workshop, the reporter saw, technical personnel are staring at the production line of products, the scene is busy. Outside the factory workshop, the sun is beautiful and fragrant.
“In the difficult moment of the epidemic, the team did not stop for half a moment, working overtime to catch up with the schedule, and realized the commissioning and operation of the first production line of thousand-ton grade vanadium sodium phosphate positive material in China.” Hubei Enaiji Technology Co., LTD. General manager Tian Xinjian said.
As early as 2012, relying on the technology of Wuhan University of Technology to carry out the vanad-based electrode material product-university-research project, the R&D team of Eneji Technology Co., Ltd. jumped into the research of frontier science and technology field, and then jointly with Wuhan University and University of Washington in the United States, finally realized the product research and development of positive and negative anode materials for sodium ion batteries and new energy materials.
After ten years of continuous investment and research and development, Eneji Technology Company has grown into a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales of anode and cathode materials for sodium ion batteries, and is the earliest enterprise capable of mass production of anode materials for sodium ions in China.
In contrast to the current mainstream cathode materials, Enegi Technology is taking the vanad-based polyanion technology route. Why choose this new route of technological innovation?
In Tian Xinjian’s opinion, vanad-based polyanion technology route is the most cost-effective cathode material among the three systems of sodium ion cathode materials. “We have numerous scientific validations, as well as results from downstream manufacturers, that this technology route is reliable.”
“In the last two years, our cathode materials have shown long cycle life, high energy, high voltage output and greatly enhanced low temperature performance in practical applications, which has been well received by the majority of users.” The person in charge of product quality at Enagi Technology company said.
“In terms of selecting target users, we did not enter the current hot market of cathode materials for new-energy passenger car batteries.” Tian Xinjian understands the importance of differentiated competition. “It is a market full of giants, a piece of red Sea”. At present, the company’s products are mainly used in large-scale energy storage power stations, cloud computing energy storage, home backup power supply and other markets.
“In the past, we used to produce in small batches, but now we have new facilities that allow us to produce in large quantities.” Tian Xinjian said.
According to the company’s plan, Enaiji Guangshui production base will be constructed in three phases, with a total investment of 1 billion yuan, of which 100 million yuan will be invested in the first phase to build a thousand-ton vanad-based phosphate system positive electrode material production line. The whole construction of the project base can reach the scale of 10,000 tons.
Once this industrial technology route is promoted throughout the country, it will also greatly promote the marketization of the domestic sodium ion energy storage industry.
Data show that China has the largest vanadium reserves in the world, accounting for 47% of the world’s total reserves and 62% of the world’s annual output in 2020. Our country will not be controlled by our vanadium reserves.
Industry experts point out that in the field of large-scale energy storage battery application, the cathode material of sodium ion battery is the core key to large-scale development and the use of renewable energy to establish clean new energy structure and smart grid. The production of the large-scale production line of Eneji Technology Company may be a milestone for the industrialization development of sodium electricity in China.

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