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Detailed comparison of lithium titanate and other lithium battery materials

As far as the development status of new energy vehicles in China is concerned, there are various kinds of batteries, including lithium iron phosphate battery, lithium ternary material battery, lithium cobalt acid, manganese acid lithium and lithium titanate battery. In these five major battery forms, the most concerned indicators in the market focus on four aspects: safety, cycle life, wide temperature tolerance, rapid charging and discharging, which actually corresponds to the core interests of users: safety red line, operation [...]

The main application range of potassium titanate

Potassium titanate is a chemical component that can be widely used in low-hydrogen electrodes, cross-flow electrodes and stainless steel electrodes; Potassium titanate has superior properties to glass fiber and graphite fiber, and its application range has been continuously expanded since it was promoted to the public for more than a decade. As an emerging alternative to metals, it can produce smaller and lighter parts than traditional mechanical metals, meeting the needs of today’s times, and can also be used to [...]

What are the common problems of particle size testing and the difficulties in the development of particle size analyzers?

The laser particle size analyzer refers to a particle size analysis instrument that uses a laser as a detection light source. The development of laser particle size analyzers in our country began in the 1980s. Tianjin University, Jinan University, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Dandong Institute and other units have done a lot of work and have made significant breakthroughs in the past decade. The laser particle size analyzer uses a laser light scattering method. This method has [...]

Application of nano powder in the field of new building materials.

Nano particles with large specific surface area, surface atom number, surface energy and surface tension with increasing sharply with the decrease of the particle size, small size effect, surface effect, quantum size effect and macroscopic tunnel effect of nanoparticles such as heat, magnetism, light, sensitive properties and surface stability of different conventional particles, such as, in the environmental protection, medical, aerospace, paint, ceramics, chemical, and other fields has a broad application prospect. The application of nanometer powder materials in new [...]

Factors affecting the performance of thermal conductive filler

1.The proportion of filler When the filling amount of the thermal filler is small, the thermal contact between the thermal filler can not form a real contact and interaction, which is almost meaningless for improving the thermal conductivity of the polymer material. Only in the polymer matrix, the filling of the thermal conductive filler reaches a certain critical value, there is a real interaction between the thermal conductive filler, the system can form a mesh-like or chain-like morphology – the [...]

The study found that vanadium dioxide ultra low thermal conductivity, “break” the laws of physics

Recently, a scientific study led by Wu Junqiao of the American Chinese Science Prize found that vanadium dioxide material in the conductive, the heat generated is very small, much lower than the Weidmann – Franz law is expected to break the classic laws of physics. The scientific discovery, published in the January 27 issue of Science, will bring a wider range of applications, such as a thermoelectric system that converts waste heat from engines and equipment into electrical energy. Weidman [...]

Research status of strontium titanate

Currently, various electronic instruments, home audio and video equipment and microcomputer, etc., in order to prevent the equipment from the external power supply cord, transmission of noise and signal lines or air surge voltage, as well as the human body electrostatic factors lead to wrong operation or semiconductor devices are broken down, is the use of ZnO varistor for protection. However ZnO varistor is purely resistive element, although has good pressure sensitive features, but because of the small dielectric constant, [...]

Preparation and properties of lanthanum zirconate and thermal barrier coatings

Thermal barrier coating is the most advanced high temperature alloy surface protective coating technology. It is widely used in aviation, aerospace, automobile and large thermal power generation industries. Especially with the gas turbine/aircraft engine towards the direction of high efficient development, on the performance of the ceramic material demand is higher and higher, traditional Y2O3 stable ZrO2 (YSZ) material is hard to meet the demand of high performance, study can replace YSZ used in high temperature thermal barrier coating [...]

Material Properties and Application of Gallium Nitride

Material properties GaN is a very stable compound, but also a hard high melting point material, the melting point of about 1700 ℃, GaN has a high degree of ionization, in the Ⅲ-Ⅴ compounds is the highest (0.5 or 0.43). At atmospheric pressure, GaN crystals are generally hexagonal wurtzite structures. It has 4 atoms in a cell, and the atomic volume is about half that of GaAs. Because of its high hardness, but also a good coating protection materials. Chemical properties At [...]