• Cadmium Orange

    Pigment Index No.:PO20
    CAS no.: 57-12656-4
    Chemical formula:Cd/S/Se
    Crystal phase structure:Hexagonal system
    G/cm3 density:4.2 ~ 5.9 g/cm3
    PH: Five to eight
    The oil absorption g / 100 g:16 ~ 23
    105℃ volatile %:< 0.5
    Water soluble content %:< 0.5
    The fineness of microns:3 ~ 5 microns
    Heat resistant ℃:300 ℃ or less
    Light fastness:8

  • Cadmium sulfoselenide red

    CAS no. : 58339-34-7
    EINECS no. : 261-218-1
    Molecular formula: C9H13CdN2O4SSe
    Molecular weight: 436.64652

    Cadmium red is the preferred red pigment for enamel, ceramics and glass industries. Cadmium red is also widely used in plastics, color masterbatch, ceramics, coating, paper making, rubber, leather, art pigment, art gravure ink, color sand and stone building materials, electronic materials and other industries.