Ammonium vanadate

Other name: Ammoniummetavanadate;Ammonium Vanadate(V); ammonium trioxovanadate; hydroxy(dioxo)vanadium ammoniate (1:1); ammonium oxido(dioxo)vanadium

CAS no. : 7803-55-6

EINECS no. : 232-261-3

Molecular formula: NH4VO3

Molecular weight: 116.9776

Melting point: 200 ℃

Solubility in water: 5.1 g/L (20 ℃)





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NH4VO3 content: 99%, 99.5%,99.9%

Technical indicators:
C≤0.001%      P≤0.001%
Si≤0.02%        Mn≤0.0005%
Cr≤0.0001%  Cu≤0.001%
K≤0.01%         Fe≤0.02%
Na≤0.01%       Ni≤0.0006%
SO4≤0.01%     Cl≤0.01%


Ammonium metavanadate is an inorganic ammonium salt; White or slightly yellowish crystalline powder; Slightly soluble in cold water, soluble in hot water, ammonia, insoluble in ethanol, ether, ammonium chloride; When burned in air, it becomes vanadium pentoxide.
USES: Mainly used as chemical analysis reagent, catalyst, dye, drying agent, mordant, etc. Used for paint, ink drying; Microstaining; Tile coloring; Ceramic glaze; It can also be used to make vanadium pentoxide.

Analytical method for ammonium metavanadate (on a dry basis)
Weigh the sample 0.1g (say accurate to 0.0001 g) in 300ml conical flask, add 1:1 5ml sulfuric acid, add a little steamed water, dissolve, remove, add 3:1: 1 sulfur phosphate 15 ml, drops of 10% ammonium ferrous sulfate solution to a green, cool to room temperature in cold water with 3% potassium permanganate oxidation to solution is slightly red don’t disappear, then add about 1 gram of solid urea by 1% sodium nitrite reduction to solution is bright yellow, and 1 ~ 3 drops, excessive violent oscillation after 30 money clock, add V indicator 3 drops static moment, with standard solution of ammonium ferrous sulfate titration to solution from purple to light green, is the end.
Calculate v2o5% = V.T/G times 100
In the formula: V– the number of milliliters of ammonium ferrous sulfate consumed
T– titration degree of ferrous ammonium sulfate standard solution to V2O5
G– the weight of the sample
Reagent required: 1. Sulfuric acid: 1:1
Mixed acid: 3:1:1 (H2SO4: H3PO4: H2O)
Ammonium ferrous sulfate: 10% of 10g ammonium ferrous sulfate is dissolved in 100 ml 5%H2S04 solution
Potassium permanganate: when dissolved at 3%, it must be boiled for several minutes to avoid insoluble KMn04 residue
Urea: solid
Sodium nitrite: 1% aqueous solution
Indicator of benzop aminobenzoic acid: 0.2%, 0.2g dissolved in 100ml0.2% sodium carbonate solution.
[(NH4)2. Fe(SO4)2.6H2O)] 53 grams are dissolved in 10 liters of 5% sulfuric acid solution, (this standard solution should be placed in pure aluminum wire for a long time), and cannot be calibrated until several days later.

Calibration steps:
A 50ml solution of 0.02N standard bichromate potassium solution was accurately absorbed. In a 300ml triangulation bottle, 20 ml of thiophosphoric acid (H2SO4: H3PO4: H2O = 150:150:700) was added. 3 drops of phenylep aminobenzoic acid indicator was added. In the formula: T– the inconsistency of the standard solution of ferrous ammonium sulfate V2O5 (g /ml)
N– potassium dichromate is the equivalent concentration of the quasi-solution
V– the milliliter of the standard solution of potassium bichromate
V1– consumption of ammonium ferrous sulfate standard solution ml number
0.09094— is the V2O5 milligram equivalent
0.05094– the milligram equivalent of V


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