Antimony pentoxide

Other name: Diantimony pentoxide, Antimonic anhydride; 1,3-dioxodistiboxane 1,3-dioxide; antimonic acid

CAS no. : 1314-60-9

Molecular formula: Sb2O5

Molecular weight: 323.50

EINECS no. : 215-237-7

Relative density (water =1) : 3.78

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Appearance: powdery: white to yellowish powder; Colloidal: yellowish yellow liquid.

Physical and chemical properties: solubility: insoluble in water, soluble in hydrochloric acid; Stability: stability; Solubility: slightly soluble in water, not compatible with other acids except concentrated sulfuric acid; Preparation or source: antimony metal or antimony trioxide reacts with concentrated nitric acid; Other: in the 380 ℃ lose oxygen into four antimony oxide, in 930 ℃ from loss of oxygen antimony trioxide; Soluble in strong alkali antimonate; Hazard marker 15(harmful, keep away from food)

Application: mainly used in the manufacture of pressure-sensitive electron, antimonate, antimony compound, pharmaceutical industry, rubber, plastic flame retardant.
(As)Arsenic≤ 0.02%
Heavy metals≤0.001%
Substances not precipitated by hydrogen sulfide≤0.1%

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