Antimony potassium tartrate

Antimony potassium tartrate

Other name: Antimony potassium tartrate trihydrate
CAS no. : 28300-74-5 (16039-64-8)
Molecular formula: C8H6K2O13Sb2
Molecular weight: 667.86
Melting point: 171-174
Density: 2.607
Solubility: soluble in water or glycerin but insoluble in ethanol

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Appearance: white powder
Purity: 鈮99.5%
Quality standard: USP 24
Dry weight loss : 鈮2.7%
Lead (Pb): 鈮0.002%
Arsenic (As): 鈮0.015%
PH %: 3.5鈥4.5
Heavy metal: 鈮0.015%
Antimony potassium tartrate, also known as tartar vomit. This factory takes potassium hydrogen tartrate and antimony trioxide as raw materials to prepare antimony potassium tartrate. It is commonly used as a powerful emetics.

The main purpose
It can be used as color fixing agent for cotton, wool and leather alkaline fuel and nylon acidic fuel. Polyvinyl chloride fading inhibitors; Pigments and pesticides. Is an excellent anti – schistosomiasis drugs.

Note: this product is corrosive and irritating to skin and mucous membranes

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